6 ways to pursuit online

Evading taxes? Order religious literature from Pakistan? Maybe not quite normal looking porn at night? It’s all the little details of your online life, a little old dirty underwear that you think will be forever hidden from prying eyes. But you’re wrong. Some people are naturally more capable of finding skeletons in the closets of others. They use technology for evil, invade your privacy, and you don’t even know it. «They» is the government, the crooks, corporations, and other outsiders. And even your future employer or the former may look after you right now. No need to be a genius to find out all your real life the footprints that you leave online. Ways, believe us, a lot.

1. Your phone number is your downfall

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_lKRqc27Y6Ix75When you are registered in social networks, we indicate the personal phone number. If someone finds it, he opens a gateway from which to look out all your social media accounts. So they can get your full name, learn about your political beliefs, learn about your civil activity and even what you’re listening to music. In 2011, for fun published the picture with Hitler and forgot about it? Oh, well, now you can fine to take the matter to hang.

2. If there is data on the account, that is, data about your location

Especially true for those who are constantly chekanitsa in Instagram or Facebook. Very open information that can be easily folded into a graph. Outsiders can easily see which events you have visited, what places visited early (bars, restaurants, concert venues, clinics). Instagram actually evil, because it allows you to determine the location of the first sight. You can click on the tag location, and you’ll be given hundreds of photos geotagged. Of course, it is not easy to find a place where you’re at at the moment, but it is easy to find a place that you visit most often – today maniacs present everything on a silver platter.

3. And the data about who you communicate

After spending a couple hours watching your profiles, it’s easy to make a list of your real friends with whom you communicate. You can learn about your ex and about your work, and your drinking buddies. You can find out what page in Instagram you visit most often, which page most likes. It would seem, what here such? But I don’t think you want to about your immediate environment knew people from the authorities or criminal organizations.

4. Google knows more than you think

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_1FNwv3b59SWWYIf the violator of personal space know your full name and have just found where you work, when I went to school and in which the Institute studied, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about you more. Through Google you can find out the results of judicial decisions, information on fines and offences. If you have these, just enough to skillfully use the search engine below all appeared on the surface. If you’re a guy with a dark past, the situation is not pleasant. The search engine also allows you to specify some details about which you would prefer to remain silent.

5. Message

We frequently add to friends everyone who will come to us in profile. Now, what do you do when you add strangers, rejoicing that you are so popular. The fact that he gets access to all updates from your page. Posted a new status – he found out. Posted a new photo he saw. Added strange video and in this case it is not in the business. By the way, I know that you can configure alerts for a particular name? Constant surveillance.

6. Map

Okay, let’s say you’re not online. I think this is going to save you? I doubt it, because in your iPhone hidden a map that displays each place where you were, where you go every day, where we visit only on holidays. All of this is fixed. An outside observer can know even an approximate time frame. With his Apple products you clearly. You do not need to be a hacker to track you down.

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