6 ways to know that your weekend sucks

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We are in our new section «How to ruin the weekend.» We already wrote about hitchhiking, about a family dinner and a hangover. Of course, we will continue writing our column on, but it’s worth noting that these ways to spoil your well deserved vacation can be considered traditional. And today you will learn how to feel that the weekend will be lame.

1. You find yourself playing from the early morning online games

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You stood up and not even brushed my teeth, sat down at the computer, turned it on and started playing. But no, you don’t play World of Warcraft, you’re not even in the singles such as Call of Duty or Minecraft do not play. And the Last of us — this is not about you. You decided to go through old toys and not downloaded the Icewind Dale or Baldur’s Gate? Instead you, like a complete idiot sitting in front of the screen playing… contactusa brauzerki. It is difficult to say why some people are so fond of them, but several of my friends were still sitting tight for these games. Even worse, if you’re going to sweat zadrachivatsya such dubious projects (in terms of mental development), like Farmville, Words with Friends, or even Plants or Zombies. One of my friends spent almost the whole day playing on the phone in some kind of game clouds and sheep. I understand why this weekend should be terrible?

2. You started cleaning

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It so happens that you have been putting off cleaning the apartment for an indefinite period. Now this day got, and you will have to dig miles of shit, dust and debris. You will find a wonderful journey into the world of bad smell and mold. You will wash up the whole house, hands erase the blisters, despite the presence of gloves. To wash tile, all plumbing, tear off chunks of old food from the dishes and pans, wash brown layer of tea in circles, crawling on the floor, raking the garbage and washing the baseboards — that’s all that’s waiting for you this weekend.

Ideally, a friend to avoid that dubious fate, just take it a habit to tidy up a bit. Wash the dishes, wipe crumbs from the table, sweep the floor, MOP the bathroom floor and plumbing there. This will reduce the total cleaning time by almost half.

3. To see some of the crap on TV

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You suddenly find yourself in front of the TV, considering some cheap fanastico, Russian series or other crap.

If you have more than an hour watching some nonsense about an honest police officer Petrov, Sidorov, the prostitute and the evil General day, know that everything is bad. Not better your situation, when you look at some «Eleventh fantastic channel» such nonsense as «Zombie by the name of the show», or «Hunter of werewolves-vampire blaze», or «Alien Invasion-18». Your weekend obviously exactly prosrali.

4. You’re glad to hear any sounds from my cell

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And here you are sitting and doing all those things that we just wrote. And then suddenly your phone showing signs of life, you Wake up and desperately grab him like a drowning man a straw. But it turns out that the phone just updated news, downloaded some unwanted heresy or you received spam from a certain company. And this happens several times a day, until you get bored. In the end, the day unexpectedly (really?) over, none of you remembered, and you have to go to sleep. It would be better to toys of some kind played!

5. You called your grandmother

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Never mind the fact that grandma, or grandpa, or aunt, or mother you always listen. If you call them and for a long time (therefore not calling for a long time) talk about their lives, it is obvious that you admit defeat your day! Then you’re going to listen about their life, about mutual friends, about your classmates and friends that you don’t remember anything. But such a call will force you to feel needed.

6. You did nothing that appointed himself

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You went with a friend to the Mall for a purse, you never went with friends to the movies, you didn’t do your food for the week, you’re not bathed a cat, you go to the gym on a one-time activity… a Lot of reasons, but you didn’t. Weekend given to us in order for us to realize all our plans and had a little rest, but instead we spent it on nonsense. Shame on you!

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