6 ways to get out of any dispute by the winner

The bulk of his free time modern Homo sapiens spends in verbal battles: the Internet, my wife, friends and taxi drivers. However very few people knows a lot about the art of demagoguery, arguing, and true oratory. If this were not so, then every dispute would end someone’s victory, right? Well, when was the last time you did? Everyone just stayed at their opinions, angry and resentful.

To argue competently, otherwise it’s just a waste of time. We want to help you with this, you’ll still get into a verbal altercation, and our readers, we want it, should emerge victorious, not defeated. Anyway, it is undeniable that the discussion of pressing issues is a full part of our lives. And here’s what we suggest you, buddy.

1. Attack the basic assumptions of the opponent

Poradi.s.ua_17.02.2016_mfAzBqpf8LEgfLet’s start with the hoary wisdom! Long ago in Ancient China there lived a great warrior. He won one battle after another and always used the same method: aiming at the legs of horses, on which sit the rivals. He thereby undermines the foundations of the enemy forces. There was no difference – the hero is his enemy or a regular small. When the enemies fall from his horse, they do not differ much from each other. When enemies fall, they become helpless.

You should also deal with the arguments of the enemy, because every thought has some kind of underlying assumption. You need to find this assumption to beat in the heart, in the database. If you succeed, then the argument will start the process of self-destruction. However, remember that your assumptions can be wrong, so defend them well.

2. You know what they say

Information is power and power in the modern world. And if you have knowledge, you can give the opponent an absolute proof. In fact, if you get involved in the dispute, make sure you have a gentleman’s set of facts. You don’t need «half» and the more errors in their speeches. Be above it.

Of course, you need to understand that «truth» is a moving concept, but this does not mean that the facts should invent on the fly. If you lie, then you crush.

3. Stay within problems

Don’t digress and don’t let it roll to the side of the interlocutor. It is, in fact, is the most complex in February, dispute, or quarrel. If your opponent brings into the conversation a new theory that does not fit with his previous words, then offered him to return to the topic of conversation. No need to cling to everything, and have to change themes really should not be. If you’ve been paying attention to how your interlocutor has increasingly resorted to such tactics, know this: you’re close to winning.

4. Just calm

manygoodtips.com_17.02.2016_qLLShQvchjP0hThe cold voice of reason – that adorns the man, who is always right about everything. Many populists win a debate when you raise your voice, add artistry to your speech, but if you are competing one-on-one, something like this should not be done. Politicians work for the public, and you get the truth. So stay focused and calm throughout the time of the dispute. If the opponent begins to cry, he, of course, just ass feels defeat. Remember: in disputes of this scale, the loudest people will never win.

5. Don’t play dirty

Argument – the key to victory. If you are blatantly saying that people are wrong, only confirm the failure of their own. Forget about grudges and prejudices, as well as various clichés that can give you a man of a low intellectual level. If you don’t have the necessary knowledge, it is better to retreat and return to the topic later, when this knowledge will appear. But never add fuel to the fire of hatred.

6. Shut up

The final stage of the dispute, which no doubt is one of the most important. Let’s say that you gave your strongest argument and see victory on the horizon, but your opponent has entered a phase of «rejection» and chattering something unintelligible. Shut up, dude. Let her say her piece: it needs to fully feel his defeat and your victory. Silence is actually a very powerful tool in disputes of any kind. Girls don’t just come out winners of the most comical situations, they just know when to leave a wicked man alone with his evil thoughts. So you too use this «skill». Sure, that’s what people win in srach on a universal scale.

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