6 ways to become your own worst enemy

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We are constantly trying to make our lives better. Rather, as trying, and believe that we’re changing things. Because some bro in all seriousness thinks that when they do nothing, they also betray themselves. After all, they are waiting…! The best of the best of the situation — it doesn’t matter. It is important in the life of the patient. Usually this waiting only hurts you (if you’re not a sniper), it is better to start something to do, but preferably with training. But the article is clearly not about that, it is for those who are eager to hurt yourself. Read our bad advice and do the opposite, to be happy.

1. Constantly wait for full satisfaction

Nothing in life can last a long time. Why? Because, friend, this life, is a dynamic system with constant changes which may not be as full of lasting happiness, so long and full of grief. She is fickle, like a pendulum, and jump up and down. The most harmless thing you can do with this continual change is to sit and analyze periods of his life, comparing her episodes. When it was more fun when less fun when more troubles, and when less. Do not these tests, man! Worry bad points and sincerely enjoy good. This constant analysis of situations — is disgusting nonsense that prevents you to enjoy life. Your life turns into a counter of your state and in existence at the same time. Do not be so! And we always expect each new joy will be incredible, not like anything. But happiness, real and genuine, which we will achieve Jogging, critiques your life, meditation will be like a long boring drug-induced delusions.

2. Focus on your own failures

Yes, these two items may seem the same, but it’s not. Of course, you need to constantly work on yourself and to remember where you have tangible stocks, but this does not mean that they need to constantly dwell. You need to remember about the successes and multiply them. Obsession with failure will not lead to anything good, but put a goal, forget the mistakes and problems (this is just byproducts) and go forward.

3. To give up under the onslaught of comfort

You have 400 channels on the TV, the phone that understands when you need to turn the page on a computer with plenty of cores, the configuration of which you could not imagine when you were 10 and you were playing my father at work in the first Diablo. You can easily change the phone because the next one will be more convenient, because you depend on comfort. Any meeting with the issues you will be absolutely destructive because you’re not used to problems — you’re too gravitate to comfort. Therefore it is a good idea to get out of the comfort zone. After all, if you don’t harden yourself to various difficulties, a small change in the personal space (the banal moving girls to your house) will be for you a real disaster. Try to be soft.

4. Self-limiting beliefs

A lot of them, man. We already wrote about this. So friend, they interfere, prevented from moving forward, prevent to do something, something to develop, and most importantly: to change attitudes and to learn something new. Yes, and doing too in the way. I think in the future you’ll sadly remember that you have something not work? No, you will be far more hostility to remember what we have missed some case.

5. Afraid to be vulnerable

Often, strong feelings and emotions make us vulnerable, and so that we all forget that the vulnerabilities carry a lot of nice and useful. We are afraid to become vulnerable when we open for friends or love, because no one wants to be vulnerable. Suddenly people will see the real us, and they do not like? The problem is just that in life, nothing is truly safe. Always the head you can fall down a big nasty piece of shit when you least expect it, and is in the most comfortable of all comfort zones. All the best things and emotions in the world do you get when you start to take risks. Nothing ventured, loser, man!

6. To expect that everything will go according to your plan

No, friend, it does not happen! Of course, you need to plan and be able to do it, but that’s no reason to want to go only in one scenario. Outline the purpose, what’s the difference as to Nemi do come, the main thing — to come. What’s the problem? To fend off false expectations. Not everything always goes according to plan, a friend, and this is the advantage of living. I think that life constantly throws you challenges it would be foolish not to accept it, because it will not work.

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