6 ways to avoid having to answer the question «This make me look fat?»

TSE mene povnet?

If you, man, in a relationship, you are well aware of this problem. Friend puts something out there, no matter what, and comes to you with an important question of all time: «do I look this fat?» It seems like this question is not the right answer. If you have not learned to read her mind and can’t provide what she wants you to, the consequences can be very dramatic. Yell at you, offended, do not want to have sex with you or make a victim of passive-aggressive behavior. The ideal solution is not to answer it «no» or «Yes», and a little riffing. Here’s six ways.

1. «It shows off your shape»

It works even if your friend is really full or if the clothes generally do not emphasize. How to argue with your logic? Try it and be surprised.

2. «I think you look sexy»

It’s probably closer to the truth than all other ideas. In the end, did you continue this relationship if she wasn’t sexy, at least from time to time? This answer even make up some points: this is an extra reason to say that it seems to you attractive. Besides, it has nothing to do with clothes only to itself.

3. «You’re always good»

Most people do not associate the fullness with beauty. Therefore, such a response would let her know that whatever her clothes, she was still nice and attractive. Such a path will not work if a friend set out to pick a fight, but it’s not a problem — you can try the other items on this list.

4. «That’s nice, but I know it would be better»

So you answer the questions, making a compliment (although it may not be especially cute in this dress), but you say you can help her find the best combination that will look really good. A great opportunity to get her to undress and to engage in spontaneous sex right on the floor.

5. «To look bold, you have to be fat, but you’re not»

You have a long phrase, but in fact this is the shortest way to Express an opinion. Again, the remark refers not to clothing but to the girl herself. This is a much better explanation than a simple «no». This answer short and complete at the same time. Women love when you are able to Express their thoughts. Good skill in case she catches you with another woman and asked to explain how it happened.

6. You wearing that looks good

Here need practice and caution. Some women may interpret this phrase as a reproach to their taste: that clothing is bad, but it’s a little better. And there is a quarrel not to avoid. Therefore, the option is at the end of the list. It is better to first try other options.

7. And a bonus: Yes

If you want to be an asshole and to never hear this question, just say that she looks like a sausage «veal», tapered threads. Prepare for the possible consequences: tears, screams, slapping, no sex for a while and passive-aggressive behavior.

Remember: a woman waits for a response during the first two seconds. To laugh, to cough and look the other way when you answer it is a lie. Be careful, act like a gentleman. The most important thing.

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