6 trees that will save your life

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2014_dJgWXzFjFnofZOnce again we raise the topic of how to survive in the woods. In every such article, we are trying to tell you about the key points that you should know, once in a place full of trees, but no store. We told you about methods of survival and how to build a winterized tent, and how to make a spear that can kill the beast, well, or at least fish.

So don’t worry, we won’t let you fall in the woods. That is why today we will tell you about the trees that can save your life in the woods. You can use them for food, shelter and much more. Keep in mind that fall from the trees the leaves fall, and you should be able to determine the right for you a plant without leaves.

1. White birch



It is easy to find in the white paper-like bark. How can you use this tree:

  • Birch — sweet drinkable SAP that does not need to clean;
  • From the bark you can make a basket;
  • Thin the young branches — the perfect tea;
  • The resin, if heat it in the fire, can be used as a glue.
  • 2. Basswood



    In case you rush for the border. Not only in our country are forests. You’re «advanced» guy, he’s probably running somewhere. This tree is often found in the Eastern United States. It can be easily found in different water bodies.

    In this lime large serrated leaves in the shape of a heart. As it can be used for survival:

    • She has delicious edible leaves-especially in spring;
    • Branch of the Linden is perfect for a bonfire;
    • Inner bark is edible: it can be scraped off with a knife, and it has a very sweet taste.

    3. White pine


    Every fall the white pine loses all of its needles except the ones that grew this year. Pine is an evergreen plant, which can not just to help you:

    • Its resin can be heated and mixed with crushed charcoal to make a natural epoxy resin;
    • Wood is good for kindling;
    • Needles can be brewed as a tea, they contain vitamin C;
    • The inner bark is edible;
    • Harvest pine nuts from pine cones;
    • The needles provide good insulation for the tent;
    • Green pine twigs are ideal for creating canopy;

    4. White oak


    The oak rounded green leaves. On the tree grow acorns, and they are, contrary to popular opinion, edible.

    • Acorns can be used to create a flour;
    • They can be boiled in water, then this solution is used as antiseptic;
    • Acorns can also be used as a trap bait for squirrel and other small wild animals;
    • Oak wood is very durable wood suitable for the construction of the hut.

    5. Sugar maple



    Its leaves are usually five-pointed. Young maples have smooth silvery bark. The sugar maple is famous for maple syrup.

    • In late winter/early spring, the sugar maple is an excellent source of drinking water (juice), which does not require cleaning;
    • Seeds ripen near the leaves, is edible;
    • Young maple leaves are also edible, they can be used in salad or in the decoction of other herbs;

    6. IVA


    There are many varieties of willow, but they all look about the same. This tree you can easily find on the unique shape of leaves.

    • Willow bark contains salicin, which is similar in action to aspirin. Chew on young branches and swallow the juice that is produced;
    • In spring and summer, the bark will peel away from the wood, it is possible to make a lot of things useful;
    • Young and flexible branches of the willow will need for the basket;
    • Of dry bark makes a great fire.

    Now you have learned a little more about the trees that can save your life. So, until the mushroom season is in full swing, go into the woods with a friend and enjoy the nature, which at any moment ready to lend you a branch of support.

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