6 tips that can ruin your life

You graduated from College. You’re young, energetic, and you have knowledge to which you’ve spent nearly two dozen years. Finally you can use them, you are free and there’s nothing you can’t do. Do you consider yourself Mature. But is this really so – the big question.

Most often you will be in the chaos of everyday life, which consists of long working hours, debt, contingencies, accidents, layoffs, stress and stuff like that. Immediately after the sound and fury, in which you spent your early twenties. After them it is easy to lose those high goals you’ve set for ourselves in the hope that you have a great future. To challenge society were insufficient. When it comes to finding and implementing your dreams, you need to be well prepared first and foremost to the fact that some of the advice from the people close to you is a true sabotage of all your desires.

And these tips are given by those who want to help you, which makes them the most dangerous. False information, which is mixed with a small amount of truth, is the most insidious and destructive myths, able to destroy you. Don’t let them be fooled!

1. Ambition is not the same as greed

It was a bribe.com.ua_27.07.2015_2gOXulZASqMIvThis is probably one of the most common myths. Its popularity is due to the fact that such an idea is too strongly rooted in popular culture, philosophy, literature, cinema. What is the way? Well, remember who was ambitious for you last viewed the film? With a probability of 80% – a villain. Right? The grotesque has covered the world, and our perception of ambition is reduced to mahamangala commander, who threatens to take over the world, or a mad scientist, who yells frantically over the half-dead corpse: «IT LIVES!», – then you hear the wild laughter and there’s something going on.

Yes, these people are thieves. It breeds corruption and filth of this world and of all freaks. But greed and ambition – things to each other are not connected.

Let the ambitious man a million dollars and he will not be happy. Not because this person does not want money (who will refuse 1 million?), but because he was not the guy who earned that million. This situation explains the behavior of many ambitious people. From the outside it may seem selfish, ungrateful, but in another case. The point is not in possession of any thing, and that deserved to get her to understand that you’re capable of it. It is this driven by ambitious people. «I can change the world» and not «I will take from this world all that I need, and leave it in the skeletal remains.»

2. Talent is something you’re born

manygoodtips.com_27.07.2015_hftJfk8cZnqjXVery widespread idea in our culture that every person is born with a starting capacity that he has an amazing array of talents and abilities that will be able to show themselves. Of course, if you don’t succeed, then that «something» is just not for you, and you can forget about it.

It’s all bullshit.

So, some have a natural talent and talent can not be called – rather, the predisposition. Mathematics, for example, may be more easy to learn for some people, but everyone should understand it at least at the level of a University program. Making music may be easier for one guy than for another but it doesn’t make a guy a good musician. The most important is the study and practice of and to obtain satisfaction from the work that you do. In addition, you probably have a friend who has some amazing talents, but never use, turn them into something worthwhile. At the same time, you know those people whose lives can be described in one word – struggle. They broke through the crowd of enemies that have not had any education, had no idea about the basics, but hard work made them successful. Art, science and language – that gives you a Foundation for growth.

Your skills is that you can develop, to improve. You are not born with them. You are not destined to be a musician or a priest. You choose your path. The shackles of fate not imprinted in your DNA. Don’t let the difficulties faced by every species on the planet, to dissuade you from your desires and dreams.

3. Each person is unique

Work.com.ua_27.07.2015_YXrH2AbFXr4GHFasten your seat belts, because now is the brutal truth.

No, no one special.

Before everyone knew it. Understand that nobody is special and somehow lived with it. Now you, as a child, will have their reward, even if not won in competitions. Because it’s the taking part, right? But then, how to motivate yourself to achieve something meaningful, if you can just to participate, but it is just to live the remaining time. No, it’s weird.

You’re not unique, although they may have value later. You’re not unique but you can be someone you will remember for a long time. Just no one tries.

The myth, as usual, has its roots in good intentions, which makes it more toxic. We just wanted to give the opportunity to feel good about other people. Therefore, a person covered with a thick layer of chips, he lives for others all day watching TV, really would feel as smart and interesting as the people watch on the screen.

But we know that this is not true.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel better and other people’s desires to feel important. But you have to understand that self-esteem, which are unsubstantiated, empty feeling. It adds no value to your life. Confidence, a strong sense of dignity is necessary, but it should stand on a particular Foundation.

To be the best is it good? No, that’s impossible. There will always be someone better, there will always be someone who will be able to replace you. You don’t have to be all at once, but maybe you should be someone. The guy who breathes, lives and presents itself in all its glory.

4. Accept yourself

manygoodtips.com_27.07.2015_aTdXUBuIHV8JbThe actual meaning of this advice, no doubt, is what we have to go. We must understand who we are and what we want, what is important to us and what is not. So growing personality, there are no other options. We need to understand their best and worst qualities – this can really help us in any situation. To live without this knowledge is like to start building a house without knowing how much money is in the budget.

However, the word «acceptance» is now often understood in a distorted way. The idea is that you can’t change anything in my life and keep hating yourself. Appeared the belief that your faults and fears are constant its peculiarities.

As a result, people become «realistic», which hinders their potential. They cease to grow and do something meaningful, thinking that any effort is doomed to failure.

This should not be.

Of course you should accept yourself and the reality, which turned out to be. But that doesn’t mean you have to be that way forever. Imagine that you – a demo version of the cool games that has yet to come out. Development can go long and hard, but it is better to complete it in a good way so the fans can smack you with bricks for a bad product. Anything that deters you from the development is you. Change itself is scary, but it could be interesting. Even the destruction of his drawback it may seem very painful procedure. In General, all according to Darwin. Change is not only possible, it is just necessary for survival. Regardless of what you decide, life will still continue to move forward.

Evolution or extinction – which will you choose?

5. You can’t do it

manygoodtips.com_27.07.2015_F7vQQRvq9PclaYes, there are people who will constantly say that it’s not worth it. While most of the myths that inhibit our success, there is conventionally good reasons, this phenomenon is clearly from enemies. And this «opposition» will occur more often, the closer you get to goal. Such people are surrounded by any of the inventor, any rock star and any Director.

And you know, they may be right.

We’d lie to you if I said that every goal is achievable. You may not become an astronaut, a Hollywood actor, a professional video game tester. It may happen that your passion for anything will not become a full-fledged and profitable career.


But what’s your alternative?

Of course, do nothing – option is much easier and safer. And during long time it can be very convenient. But when you choose comfortable and safe life, resign themselves to the sad, the leitmotif of which will be the phrase: «What would happen if I did…»

There is nothing worse in this world than regret and missed opportunities. It is better to look at the stars than to lie in the dust.

6. You need to settle down

manygoodtips.com_27.07.2015_Nyr9RhuEdG1JXSomewhere in twenty we have to struggle to find a job, then struggle to find a home, new friends – the search for life goals, meaning of life. When we find all of these things, it’s easy to relax. After all these efforts is a powerful temptation to just rest on our laurels.

Don’t do it!

You can slow down, but life goes on, and it takes away your age. The world is always changing, and sooner or later the changes will unfold 180 degrees and try to eat you. Until that time, you don’t have to become obsolete, you have to be ready to repel the blows of fickle fortune. And this is movable in work, in relationships, in knowledge and even values.

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