6 tips: how not to let a boss destroy your career

If you are running an adequate leader, you’re lucky. But, unfortunately, life is very unfair thing, and some ghouls always get vacant seats and begin to bully you for no reason. The chief, who clings to oppress, shouting, threatening, and, unfortunately, leads you, in English called «Toxic Boss» — the most accurate definition. Because after contact with him the soul remains a large residue of something frightening, unpleasant and, apparently, dangerous to health. These people really have something toxic.

These reptiles can easily ruin your career, but if you follow these tips, you can spoil him career.

1. The perfect employee

manygoodtips.com_22.09.2016_twD2DETO3L3S3As if not to bother and was not distracted by the frickin ‘ boss, you still have to fulfil their duties responsibly. Don’t let a bad boss to bring down your standards. Even with the head-not bad, but it is possible to maintain good communication with colleagues (a common hatred of superiors, even integrates). And try to meet deadlines.

If possible, ask your satisfied customers to record their positive feedback. When the entire company will see the result of your beautiful work, negative superiors will not cause your reputation high damage.

Speaking quite so simple, the ignore the boss and go to work. Just don’t give him a reason to complain. After a while justice may be served, and you yourself will be the boss.

2. Time to look for another job

The most logical, at first glance, option. What to do if the situation escalated to the limit, and steering the adversary had closed an iron grip around your throat to the point where working does not work? It’s simple: you need to leave this place and go to another.

Studies show that working for a bad boss can double the risk of heart attack. Of course, the job search is also quite a stressful time, but eventually you will find an amazing oasis in the job market, in which adequate guidance and proper working conditions, and tea with cookies free.

But in the interview in any case don’t tell me the reason for leaving was conflict with the authorities. You will be hard to prove that he is an asshole, but you’re not a brawler, refuses to obey corporate ethics and despising the chain of command. Better say I did not see the further prospects of its development». In the end, it is not quite so burn all the bridges they can still be useful.

3. Talking with the enemy

What if the user to suffer there are no forces, but to move to another job simply impossible? Let’s say you’re lucky to have a job that you really love, or in your town are no more jobs.

Then you need to make a knight’s move, and, so to speak, to play the lead. Let him or her know that their behavior is offensive and humiliating, and give specific examples, preferably recorded by date and time. Try to be as neutral as possible when you describe the situation. The idea is not to blame his boss, to bring about the inadmissibility of such relations and their unfortunate consequences. There are idiots who are not even aware that their behavior and attitude heating up the atmosphere, especially when we are talking about the jokers who don’t realize how offensive their jokes give rise to the demons of hatred in the hearts of subordinates. They think make the working atmosphere more light.If reach failed, and instead of repenting you threw in the face of sneers and threats in the style of: «I am the king and you are slave. So be patient», we are left with two options — either to dash off a complaint to the boss of his boss (if, of course), or resign. However, in the first case, will most likely fire you, because cadres are valued more, and the relationships between them, usually better. Still worth a try.

4. Not a denunciation, and report on the compliance position

manygoodtips.com_22.09.2016_tTUE6mnTPNUnfIf your boss, except that he’s a psycho, and even their official duties properly, then you have every chance of taking him down. Survive, as we know, only have one. But only if it is not the top of the work hierarchy, and above him there is someone else.

For example, your boss had stalled the work, not given time to indicate what has occurred is simple. Or he turned down long-term projects, or after communicating with him at your office broke a major customer — all in pencil. It’s not meanness, it’s all for the benefit of the company or, as he liked to tell the scammers from the 30’s: «For the future and the common good». Feel nomenclature scum, to get rid of the abomination another.

5. Not a dispute, and the arguments

When dealing with fools, then quickly comes to the understanding that arguing with them is useless and dangerous to argue. And galoot head: you have to be gentle and sweet. Than the famous bloody heads? Their claims. For example, he accuses you of incompetence or is that something you screwed up or not just born. What then? Beat his foot in the snout? No, trying to speak slowly like an idiot and no offense. Showing maximum respect, argue your point. Stock facts, examples, and literate excuses, next time to fend off the attacks. And remember: you can’t openly be rude and to yell at the person until he is your direct supervisor.

6. Good atmosphere

The best way to survive the attacks of the «Toxic boss» is to create a good atmosphere in the team. If colleagues have chosen is adequate, and if hatred to the authorities was for your informal Republic something of a national idea, then worry about the bureaucrats will be much easier.

Build your reservoir of positive in which you will dive to wash off the filth after talking with him. Chat, laugh, smoke, but do not discuss only one job and that asshole in the next office. Firstly, it is dangerous, secondly, this will quickly get bored and will make the job unbearable, thirdly, what else is there to discuss. This position is not tolerated, and intelligent person who is not asking for trouble.

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