6 tips for organizing around the house

manygoodtips.com_26.11.2014_oyBrt5FUOhg93Weekends are coming, and that means that soon your house will begin General cleaning. Well, maybe it is not so General, but you will do almost everything in your power to allow the housing to a usable form. We know how it all depressing, and the thought of the upcoming harvest you becomes just too lazy to live.

But with the dirt in your apartment just need to fight and we know how to help you maintain a clean house throughout the week, not just on the weekends.

1. Take the trash everyday

Try to fill a trash can every day, to give them an incentive to throw out the trash every day. If you do not mind the empty space in the package, you can throw it away and uncrowded. Most importantly, do it every day.

You will spend just 5 minutes. It’s not much. Just now you have a rule that must be respected. Can dial in Auchan more free bags to make daily forays to the dump not much to beat you think of the Jewish purse.

2. Prioritize responsibilities

Avid foreverlost now became sad. Because they have no one to share chores. If you live alone, then unfortunately, all this work you have to do it yourself. So get yourself an neighbor or friend.

If you’re lucky and now with you reading this article a girl announce to her the joyful news. Now you’re going to take out the garbage and wash the dishes, she can cook and perform other household chores. A week’s supply of food you’ll go to the supermarket together, will erase it, and to pay the bills – five, something like that.

3. Remember good meals

Surely you and your friend often are experimenting not only in sex but also at the plate. By the way, if you’ve never cooked together, you should. This is very exciting and brings you closer together with a friend. So, probably you are looking for recipes for future dinner on the Internet.

There is no need to constantly look for different variations of the same dish once you cooked it and you even liked, because of pasta Bolognese or a Caesar salad just set. With a friend choose the best option and make your recipe book, where you write only the most successful.

4. Get ready for winter

As you already understood, the problem is not only in cleaning, but in an ample supply of food. You shouldn’t be products that will only last for a week. We’re not talking about perishables, although they can make something fit and useful.

Buy products with stock. Especially when it comes to meat, vegetables and fruit. If you and a friend are gathered to cook soup, ask the girl to not only slice the two peppers, which she had already prepared, but other that remained in the fridge. You have to be special containers or packages, because now you’re going to freeze a lot.

It is very convenient. It saves your time, and in special cases can save you from starvation. Because sometimes you want to feel the fragrance of summer, especially when outside is -30. You can just defrost the fruit and vegetables, cook a compote or make any dessert. Man must at least occasionally indulge.

5. My dishes before bed

Back to the clean house. Yes, it’s incredibly lazy to wash the dishes, especially before bedtime. Just in the morning you don’t have time for this because you quickly eat your sausage with the sauce and hit the road to work, leaving the sink dirty dish and mug.

When you come home, you’re very tired and hungry. Quickly cook something fatty, adding to the sink the more dirty dishes. Now you’re fed and happy fell in front of the TV, and you just have no power on washing dishes. Try to find some incentive, because if we do not deal with the mountain of dirty dishes, tomorrow it will be even greater. Spend 10 minutes before bed and sleep with a clear conscience and a free sink.

6. Free floor

In order to give a neat appearance to your apartment and make cleaning faster and more enjoyable, clear the floor. If you have in the hallway another roll of wire from the router in the living room are bags and bags on the floor, and the kitchen in the corner – the potatoes, immediately put all this wealth.

It’s time to release the shelf in the kitchen from clutter, and tie the book shelves in the living room. Wires you need to quickly hide, to not see this mess.

If you keep clean throughout the week, and from now on output will no longer be called the word «Saturday». You free your weekends from the General cleaning. Can now do everything I had planned for the two days that had been waiting for.

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