6 things you need to remember when a friend stays overnight at your house

girlfriend for one night

You don’t have a serious relationship, and that’s fine. Someone they are, and that’s okay too — for them, we do not have to be the same. So, if you have a serious relationship is not observed, one night is not a sin. And well, if she’s not staying the night and leaving right after you did your business, but if she was going to stay, you need to be ready for it.

If you live alone, you have no time to deal with it: someone will inevitably you have to spend the night. Remember: your bed is for you. Just for you. Even if it double. You’re just sleeping in the middle. You’re the king. If you Wake up and want to masturbate, go ahead, and you don’t have to explain to anybody what you’re doing, even here the blonde that you did a few hours ago.

Dude, I understand you perfectly, like all the bro in this world. But society is a pain in the ass. Women with whom you sleep, don’t want to feel used (the normal desire), and if you wish to put them on the street at two in the morning, it will hit their ego. Don’t be cruel. And another night she can kill before she gets home, you don’t want to be the cause of this. Well, let remains. Figs with it. Just let it be convenient for you.

1. Think of excuses

There’s nothing worse than when you sleep in a cozy bed and wakes you up a strange phone call. She starts to howl: «Oh my God, did John DOE die?» Well, or something like that. And I don’t care about your friends and your life. I don’t know you and want you gone. So I start to gather and show what I have important things to do. Well, the meeting. Saturday in the yard? Well, I’m a businessman and don’t depend on days of the week. Get ready for a great show, set the alarm. This is important. «Now I’ll set the alarm for six o’clock, and it would mean the beginning of a new day and the end of our time together».

2. Make air colder

You probably already are going to have sex, and if you are not penguins, you will be hot and you will sweat (and have sex with penguins very fast and are uninteresting). And it is summer, and not only that, the heat outside, so you still move and emits heat. So take it a rule: shut the door — twisted conditioning. You can thank me later.

3. Offer her clothes

You want to make her comfortable as possible. If she is uncomfortable, she will spoil you all night. Will spin constantly up to the toilet, something to drink, you won’t be able to sleep. So offer her some boxers or light shorts and a comfortable t-shirt. And please wait until she goes to the bathroom and then rummage through the Laundry basket, looking for this very dress. About quilts: better if it’s two different. This is a real problem, because your blanket is intended for one person, two would be difficult to fit, and you will drag it from each other. Mark my words.

5. Does not take

Nope. If you love your girlfriend, then nice to hug her after sex and keep her head on my shoulder. It is a kind of romance. But if it’s a friend for one night, you have every right to be left alone. If she comes to you to cuddle, too, can make a show from the category of «I’m uncomfortable, I’m used to sleeping alone, so I can’t sleep.»

6. If all of the above will not help

Chloroform. For you and for her. He’ll definitely cut down. Only you need to use it after, and not before. To apply the chloroform before sex as illegal.

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