6 things you need to remember to successfully get a girl

Barney StinsonIt is important to have the right attitude to make your acquaintance friend was a success. Girls always feel it, and it is very important that the mood was positive so you exude confidence and control the situation. The right attitude allows you to make everyone around feel good. If everyone around the buzz and everything is charged to your positive attitude, women are guaranteed to feel its source (that is on their radar there is a bright point that’s you).

This post is about those things that will help you to stay on the wave and be confident when you approach women and speak with them. Most guys are nervous, and it ruins the whole thing, but not you — really, dude?

1. Before you approach a girl realize that there is nothing supernatural

Think of it as my old classmate — a girl from school, not the Queen of class and simple girl that you never wanted to have a relationship.

This trick (to pretend that you’re already familiar with all the girls) will help you to outsmart your brain and be relaxed and feel comfort. If you’re not nervous, you’re confident, and confidence attracts. The system works because you don’t tense up when talking to my ugly classmate.

2. Know that knowing you will make her day

Where and when would you not met the woman, your motivation to talk to her is to make her feel good, to cheer her up. Remember that you can always make a woman smile and she will react to you differently, will literally welcome you with open arms. You only need to give you a couple of minutes, and you’ll do, you’ll kill her, you show her who’s cool.

3. Remember, she’s a normal person

Hot Babes are exactly the same people as you. They also want to meet a nice guy, they are looking for love and happiness, they have all the same concerns as that of ordinary people. Treat her like a normal person (and not some super alien that speaks a different language) and is guaranteed to receive in return, respect and attention. Talk to her and behave as you do it with your friends, she will appreciate it. Well, jokes about shit is better still to hold.

4. Sincere interest in it

Focus on what she tells you, and you let the excitement of the situation. You will be fascinated by the story and distracted from the fact of proximity with a hot girlfriend, so behave naturally. The more you listen to her speech, the more meaningful questions you will be able to put more than a normal man seem. The key to success is to repeat her words when I ask her a question. And so, communication will be much better quality if you watch it for the conversation, not the neckline on her blouse.

5. Never do anything you don’t want to do to you

This is generally the gold standard of behavior, which very well applies to dealing with women. Imagine: you’re a woman and to you there was some idiot and said: «Hey, beautiful!» and hits you on the ass. Do you like it? Of course not. Of course, you’re not going to beat friends on the ass and tell them like that, because you yourself would not like it, but in the more subtle things I urge you to act according to the same standard. If you behave like a stupid monkey doesn’t Shine.

6. Talk to anyone

You need to talk with every girl you have a chance to speak. They do not have to be the sexiest women on Earth. The more and wider you practice, the beam your mood. You see, the secret is to generally improve their communication skills with people. If you do, you’ll never have to worry on the subject of talking to girls: things will start to happen by itself.

Mood is an incredibly important aspect, and if all clear, then you’ll always be on a horse. Just stay away from the girls, and the more you do it, the faster you will see results.

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