6 things you do better when drunk

that drunk to do better

Make no mistake, alcohol can bring you a lot of problems. However, when it comes to following paragraphs, alcohol, conversely, to help you. In the end, thanks to a bad decision born.

1. Become an Internet sensation

Mikita Litvinov

Do you think most videos with thousands of views on YouTube was shot when the characters were having fun sober? And all these idiots who deserve the Darwin award, too, was sober? I’m not sure.

2. To go shopping

walks, shopping

Well, finally you can enjoy the pacing of this multistory hell called a shopping center. When you’re drunk, you think this is a real adventure. You cease to feel the deadly breath of capitalism. You’re no longer a peasant sitting on the couch in the store, and talk to strangers, try on scarves, trying to bargain and dress mannequins. Who knows, maybe so manifest your hidden desires. In the end, they say not so bad.

3. To cook

manygoodtips.com, 21.08.2013, TvYwYA6kMoDIjrR72Bz8l01r3r3af1XY

In the court’s 4 a.m. and you suddenly feel like a chef. Do not push the same spiritual impulse in the Bud! This is the most important and delicious dish in my life that you’re making. Cooking ceases to be a languid duty and turns into real art. You start to mix all sorts of incongruous ingredients and pop them in the oven.

In fact, your six year old nephew could cook a little better if you would just diluted with water the mixture to make a cake and baked it. Fortunately, no matter how bad your cooking skills, all the food seems very tasty. You can literally feel the carbs to absorb the alcohol that you poured yourself an hour earlier. Perhaps, this food has saved your life.

4. To hit on girls

to hit on girls

This question requires discussion, but if you drank himself to an ideal condition, it can even be a plus.

The ideal condition is when you become so stupid that they forget Russian language. More importantly, you can’t use any pick-up strategy (because you are no not remember or find that they don’t work for women over 20).

In this state, you magically realize that the question «Hey, how’s it going?» works much better than the strategy of a series of «if beauty was time, you could live forever.»

5. To argue with people

to argue with people

Perhaps, it was eight PM, and you had a few too many at corporate. Or the clock is already eight in the morning, and you’re still drunk. No matter how many time your drunken hours, the time to pick up the phone. You finally can say whatever he wants, because you simply do not care. Let it be a friend you were loitering in the Mall, or your best friend who never flushes the toilet — the nuts will get all.

6. All


Or at least you think so.

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