6 things you didn’t ask

manygoodtips.com_20.02.2016_6Jd94Smsr22pkIt happens that you come in after a long day in the pub, wanting to sit in splendid isolation, alone with my thoughts, eat a Burger, for example, drink a beer and just relax, watch a match, even if I can’t stand football. But you meet a friend who is completely out of place. He sits down next to you with a satisfied smile and starts a conversation. Very soon you realize that it would be better to stay on the job longer. Your brain is sinking into the abyss of hatred and despair, and the mind tries in vain to protect himself from the dumbest to the fact that you throw it around.

Why is this happening? The thing is that a lot of people can’t control their verbal outpourings and not ask yourself a simple question: «I wonder whether this shit to my companion?» Sometimes I communicate with the man, and then he’s not right for you and at the distance of a cannon shot. Maybe it’s because you finally finished off your own words? Let’s be nice to each other and to talk about interesting, and will help you with that our little list, where sounded the most painful to listen to the themes that we hear from obsessive people.

1. Family

Bar – a place of rest. What can I say, the very men the company was founded in order to escape. However, always it will be the one who constantly and monotonously tells about the vicissitudes of family life. First, it is even more interesting, especially if you’re single and lonely. But after several such conversations start to get tired. Well, not the people created in order to allow the free time to hear about the family life of another person, it touches us, we don’t like it, we are tired, please stop!

2. Your critics

manygoodtips.com_20.02.2016_4MoY3j38QUP8CNo, we value the tips with films from friends. They, like other normal people, and rely, when we choose something to view. But damn, how annoying people who make a categorical decision on a particular film. Went to the «Deadpool» came out of the theater and shouted to the world: «the Film is for cattle, complete shit, don’t look!» Well, what is this game? Who needs such an opinion, and what is the meaning of this outburst? Worse, when you want to watch a movie and now going, and help you such «advice». Of course, wise not to pay attention to it, but if you like to shoot down people with sense in this way, it’s time to reflect on their behavior and stand in the corner.

3. The story of «the familiar scum»

So, men also gossip behind their friends. Talking about you, about me, about everyone around, but sometimes it all goes to a wider angle, which becomes boring. If I saw a man that projects your company such horrors, tell him about it, suppress in the Bud and he don’t do that. If you have to head all right, the situation itself will irritate and annoy, group of friends, meanwhile, can transform into a poisonous community nedomuzhikov. In General, if you’re talking about someone in your company is not, it is said about him, or good, or neutral, or nothing at all.

4. Why are you showing pictures of your kids?

manygoodtips.com_20.02.2016_mgQ4r8d3qKO69Family people do not understand, but try. So, you have a child, you’re his father, and he may be all cool and won the title of champion in JIU-jitsu. But a bunch of singles of different nationalities and religions, of course, are United by one thing – indifference to the «child» theme. All this drives or discouraged (at the very something no family), or irritation (well child, well, that was something to be proud of). In another, about children, no one asks the same as the family.

5. The cruelty of being

Imagine we know that is not a joke, and about the crisis know what animal he would not have represented (spiritual, economic, political). Life’s hard, especially for those who are looking for her one negative. There are good moments, but for some reason the Complainants are trying to ignore. In General, how to ruin a good conversation? Start whining in front of the surprised dude. The reason is unimportant: not enough money, no one likes girls no, the work threw. The result will be the same: to communicate with you prefer less.

6. How all is well with me

manygoodtips.com_20.02.2016_z4QGCoykGmgpfHere, as in the previous paragraph, but in reverse. In General, when a simple friendly communication you need to consider that people like equality when you rest. Activity partner implies that we remove at the entrance of all their titles, all their wealth and all experience in order to have a good time and relax. If the person constantly talks about their success, if the whole conversation is based on only one personality, an engaging conversation can not achieve.

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