6 things today that you will regret

you'll regret

Every time I need to introduce you, man, in, I tell you something about my life. Now tell again. I recently went on a diet. I sat on it for three days and on the fourth sent him to hell. Why did I do it? Well, first, because I gave up the slack. Apparently, this is the only reason. It was three days, and I did not have enough forces on the fasting day (Oh my God) «Morococha» — tea with milk. As for me, the tea does not need to interfere with milk, cream and sugar. It should be drunk as it is. And tea with milk and absolutely rabid perversion. To drink that stuff all day is beyond me. So it seemed to me. Now I surrendered and I think that it’s just a ridiculous excuse. If I made it through the day, I’d make the whole diet. In just one day.

This story reminded me that every day should be lived without excuses, without contrived explanations and regrets. Many of us live so that you know that in the future they will regret. No matter what. In principle, we all regret the same things. Today I will tell you about the most popular ones and some of the considerations how to avoid them.

1. To be paralyzed by uncertainty

Sometimes you won’t know where you’re going. Every step will seem to you uncertain. But know that as long as you follow your intuition and go in small steps, your built-in GPS works without a glitch. You realize that you’re the same person who was at the right time in the right place, doing the right things. Trust your instincts. Relax. You know what to do. To live is to learn on the fly.

To live — it’s all risky. Every decision, every action, every step, every time you get out of bed in the morning is already a risk. To truly live is to know that you Wake up and risk. Be sure that you can handle. Not to get out of bed, to withdraw into the illusion of safety — means to die slowly, so never and not having lived truly.

If you just ignore your feelings and allow uncertainty to win, you’ll never know anything for sure, and in many cases this uncertainty will be even worse than the very certain knowledge that you made a mistake. Because if you’re wrong, you can mend and move on without looking back and asking yourself, whoever you might be.

2. To give more importance to past failures than today’s opportunities

Is it true that you were defeated and you were hurt… some time. But you loved and loved you. You risked and what you have accomplished. You’re getting old, but getting wiser. All this together means a lot — much more than each separate injury or failure. Think about life as a giant pie chart. In the end you’ll look back on your life and you will see that most of the time you spent in love, experiencing priceless moments to give a unique experience and expecting something good. Problems, failures, sadness… all these things are also part of the charts, but small, that led you to this success.

We need to realize that everyone does in life the things that it wants to cancel. This feeling of regret is part of our identity, inherent in all people. To spend time trying to change the past is to waste the present and the future. Forget past failures and focus on the opportunities you present. It is better to have a life full of failures from which you learned a lesson than a life full of regrets about what you never tried.

Have you ever seen a baby just learning to walk? He stumbles and falls hundreds of times before he will succeed. Mistakes are way to learn. To succeed, we need mass failures. So don’t let time flow from your fingers, don’t let slip from under your nose of the train that you wanted to go. Don’t waste the rest of your life wondering why you didn’t do what you can do right now.

3. Too try to impress others and forget about yourself this

Remember your priorities. Twenty years from now will not matter which you wore shoes, how did you cut your hair and what brand are the jeans I bought. Will matter how you lived and who you loved, what you learned and how you applied this knowledge.

So forget about your desire to impress others. Just be real. If you want someone to impress, impress yourself, progress that you’re truly proud of. It’s really exciting, when you one day make something that has deprived you of rest, you did not dare, fearing other people’s opinions.

4. Not to say what you wanted to say

All those important words you left with me… They boil inside you!

It is possible to tell the person about your feelings? So. You don’t always understand, because even when people hear you, they cannot feel the same things you’re feeling. But you’d still need to say, to live in peace with each other.

If you are someone you appreciate, tell him about it. If you have something to say, say it now. Often people break your heart to yourself and others, without saying something aloud. Tomorrow may not be. Today is the perfect day to Express your love, your feelings and tell the world how you feel. Tell me in your own words, let his thoughts out.

And again, remember, no matter how carefully you choose the words: there is always someone who will understand them incorrectly. So just tell me what you want to say. To let it all out and nothing to regret, you need to lose the fear that you will be condemned.

5. Ignore your Hobbies and interests

Some people frantically looking for success, like their sense of self-worth depends on whether they will get to the top in your company, industry, niche, etc. Their goals and efforts are closely linked to their daily habitual activities, and so until then, until they cease to breathe. In the process they forget about all other dimensions of their lives: their Hobbies, interests, sports that help them to smile.

Roosevelt once said, «Happiness is not the possession of money; it is in the joy of achievement and creative effort.» In today’s work schedule (8 hours a day 5 days a week) easy to lock yourself up in a trap unloved things you’re already doing 40 or more hours a week and the rest of the time mindlessly spend on laziness.

Do something. No, you can’t do your favorite things every minute of my life. But you always have the opportunity to do more of what you want to work on what matters to you, about what moves you and makes you smile. Do something for yourself.

6. Spend little time with your favorite people

When you say little with your favorite people, lots of good remains unsaid. When you’re not spending enough time with loved ones, you don’t feel many beautiful emotions that could be felt.

When we get older, we start to underestimate communication. With all of our important responsibilities-communication seems weakness, is optional. Nothing of the sort. Communication is a must. If you work hard, and your whole energy is directed in one direction, it is not easy to balance. While we focusareas on the main and aim at him, we still need to maintain the state of happiness and peace in your life. You still have to play football, eat together family, go on dates and hang out with friends.

Important relationships need to be nourished. Tell your loved ones that you love them. It is a ritual action that shows them that they matter to you in a priority every day.

A couple of thoughts

One day, after many years, you will find yourself close to the end, talk about the beginning of her life.

It starts today. Today is your life. And you have to live it.

Live right. Live for what you believe in. Live for the people you believe in and never forget to tell them how much they mean to you. Understand: today you still have a chance, and you’re happy. Stop for a moment and think. If you need to do something, do it now. Remained absolutely a finite number of days.

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