6 things to do now so you do not regret

Good day today, weekends are coming, it’s getting hot here, and manygoodtips.com meanwhile, decided to talk about important things: about your life, and the mistakes most people do and which could easily be rectified, just to show a little effort and looking at pride. Generally, when a person is lying on his deathbed, asks a lot of questions in my head POPs up a huge number of things that should do, and he did not. Of course, to die with such thoughts is not cool.

But then what to do? You cannot protect yourself from all errors, and fate throws up on the fan too much shit to be able to Dodge. However, you can always choose not to help in this process and to fix what he managed to nebezopasnosti.

1. Write something that tells your grandfather

Usually people of old age teach good sense young people, and their advice is, in fact, may be the most useless for you, content that you’ll hear in my life. But to write their stories need not. Just accept the fact that they will probably die before you. Besides, in my youth you didn’t like talking with them. They do seem boring, retarded, crazy and generally strange people, like strangers. You didn’t like their orders, didn’t like their «wisdom». But in that moment, when you get older and realize that their stories actually mean something to you, the elderly will be gone. Time is lost, and you don’t have time to write the most interesting and significant episodes from their lives.

No doubt that their biography will be interesting for you, when your will slope to the West (and perhaps earlier). Family history a better record, so as not to lose touch with the generations. You don’t have to agree with her or argue. Just thedocumentary told them some things, but if they have long hang out with the apostles, remember their stories now, and just hell, write it down. Let it be, because your memory is short, and it will be forgotten, and to read these will be interested. Besides, this way you will keep the relationship on the termination of which regret too many people.

2. Try to jump over your head

There are people, and the majority-who work for years on the same position in the same job. And they are really happy with the status quo. They have stable earnings, any future, and the prize at the end of the year. But life is very deceptive thing, and when you approach a point of no return, it will remember its predictability, its insignificance. You gotta repress desires that you actively hidden in the mind Palace the last ten years.

Think now that you should try to do «it»? To open a business? To organize a rock band? To engage in scientific activities? You’re too old, you’re afraid of uncertainty? My friend, life tends to end abruptly and unexpectedly. Here you are walking on the street, the head gets hot the sun’s rays, thinking about his Breakfast, and after a few moments, stroke and death. Aren’t you sad that you didn’t even try to risk it?

3. Break up with someone you don’t love

Sorry, we are not one of those guys, who are content to habit in relationships: «Yes, I once met, lived a little and so rushed. I don’t know how it happened!» Can’t you do that to yourself, because you are losing because of this very many things that are somehow connected with the word «happiness». It is always necessary to think a head, when you give any promise or begin the woman with her life together, but this does not mean that you should drag myself to a relationship in which they have feelings.

If you missed and put himself in a cage, then get out. As bad as it looked, it is better to start new and look for the person with whom you will be good, not just convenient. This in our opinion.

4. Do things that benefit not just you

Of course, while we’re all egoists and cynics. But how else? Cynicism is a good defensive reaction against aggressive environments, and without him, especially now live. On the other hand, the moral satisfaction of a cynic not as much as I would like. So try to work not only his advantage but for the benefit of others. This is fine when you die with the understanding that you have done to the world something good, let this be a new super-soft toilet paper.

Where to start? So start with your environment: help your friend, tidy the house, organize the HOA and get strange invoices for payment, companies bulbs in the stairwell and mediate the repair of the road in front of the house. The municipal authorities are not doing anything until their good will not give or at all, not until you begin to do this. If you plan to live in Russia, then be a responsible citizen and not just a guy who just whines complains Yes.

5. Pass tests

Strange situation, but our ancestors have always been a couple of stories where they stormed the ice and flames, climb the highest mountain or participated in any Arctic expedition. Each of them had something not ashamed to write a book. Is there such a story? Or are you still sitting in the greenhouse, and you’re satisfied?

Do not tire of repeating that the problem with many guys is that they are unaccustomed to real gravity of being. The main difficulty is listening to women’s criticism and displeasure of the authorities. But it’s very sad and unfortunate. Where are the campaigns? Of the expedition? Adventure? Are we enough Saturday to watch a show that would compensate? Surely the real test is worse than any book about war? No, it is impossible for life to be in the box and will happily die in the heat. If you had vivid impressions then life is hardly a life. Ask: «What do you do then?» God knows, you can open the map and see what the hotspots are, where we need help where we need volunteers, to save people from impending disaster, or if you want a safer hobby, learn all the possible sets in geographical or archaeological expeditions (he who seeks will find).

6. Talk to your father and mother

The conflict of generations is present in every age. And a lot of people are at odds with those who gave birth to them. We’re talking, of course, about parents. People who start independent life, they can completely block all the approaches to her. Their burdens of the past, they remember what they are and do not want to remember. So, mother and father do not choose, and they can be real assholes. But even in this case ignore a life they don’t deserve, and if you play it, then ultimately you will never regret.

Just find time to talk to them. Let them know that you’re not lying in a ditch, shot up heroin, but quite normal and healthy man, who is OK.

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