6 things the most difficult to accept after a breakup

manygoodtips.com_19.05.2014_Kk1r6OruQvOl4If your life had a serious relationship breaks, you know how hard it can be. A peasant but a broken heart and sleepless nights after a breakup, there is a list of things to make which are sometimes very difficult, but necessary in the name of your own good.

1. Maybe it’s your fault

It’s human nature: if all goes awry, the first desire, which arises, is to blame the other (or the circumstances). Dumped in her wine will make your life much easier in the first week after the break up, but in General, this approach hurts you. Getting rid of the responsibility for your failed relationships on her, you risk repeating the same mistakes in the next relationship. And if after such a relationship you don’t realize the bitter truth that history will repeat itself again. And so on.

2. Man, that is more suitable for you, there is

You live on planet Earth, whose reasonable population currently constitutes about 7.2 billion people. The probability that someone who fits you better than it is big enough, buddy. Even if these 7.2 billion subtract all young, old and terrible, the likelihood is still huge.

3. You’ve seen the signs and ignored them

Yes, you heard me. If both parties of the relationship are quite emotionally healthy and sane, then their relationship will not destroy one fight. If after the fight you broke up — you probably missed something. Do me a favor, next time, faced with some problems in the relationship, don’t let it go and don’t look away from the «alarms». Because they were, I could tell.

4. You are self-sufficient

Even if it was the best, most long-lasting your relationship, you can live without them. You are self-sufficient. Some time after the break up you’ll feel weak and good for nothing — this is normal. But sooner or later you have to stand up and prove to yourself and to the world that you can and one.

5. You need to stop romanticizing

After a painful break-up easier to start to idealize the relationship ended. Of course, to remember the good times – that’s fine, but think about what happened in your relationship is far from ideal. You can even write a list. This will help you to come down to earth and sober look at the collapsed relationship.

6. All will be well

Believe it or not, but everything changes. One day you Wake up and realize that the world hasn’t ended, and life goes on. And yet you are still hard, distracted by something interesting, think of a new hobby, spend more time with friends. You’re not the first and not the last accident with a broken heart on this earth. Other handle means, and you’ll be fine. All will be well.

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