6 things that never make happy people

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Happy personally, in my opinion, you can be a small amount of time. In fact, for me, happiness is a small moment, which occurs after complete security and peace. But most people still call it luck — the state of security. Or a modest and slightly silly attempt to achieve permanent happiness. But today we will talk about those things that never will make man, in whose soul harmony, which are satisfied and which frankly everyone is happy. Six things that make unhappy people.

1. Watch strange things

I often observe through a single application in contact, as one of my ex-girlfriends often visits my page. Times a week consistently. There is another not so good friend, which for me traces. And me personally, it is scary, although I admit I have a few times looked at pictures of their classmates.

Happy people no matter how they live their familiar people. Avoid comparisons! Don’t think other people have something better than you! They may not all be as smooth as you think it is the pastoral pictures of the beach with white sand. You also don’t need the distractions, you go, as if pretentious it was said, is absolutely his own way. Why not get distracted and move on. First, decide what you really want from life and move in that direction. And don’t listen to anyone at all!

2. Constantly compare yourself with others

We already wrote about the fact that the best competitor for you is you. Your records you have to beat in a rocking chair, your records of books read to put. And not to focus on other bro that you are, in fact, not needed. Are you really going to let others decide what you should be? Also, the only significant innovation constantly want approval, love and respect from other people in exchange for the right of other people to determine what they should be. Don’t do that.

3. His happiness depends on other Affairs and events

For example, he tries to be happy on New year because everyone is happy and rejoice. Also, they are trying to rejoice, when the people around (near or far) good. But the problem is that our happiness does not depend on the events and people around, but only from our Outlook. No need to try to buy furniture, a big plasma and a good looking phone in the hope that these events will make you happy, look for happiness in yourself. Simply put, eliminate sources of unhappiness, and you will have happiness. Also, nothing prevents you to choose a starting point and watch, this will reduce the amount of misunderstanding in your soul.

4. Clinging to the wrongs of the past

You cannot be happy, when are you haunted by the ghosts of the past, so they’ve gotta go. Continue to forgive and let go in General, still good communication from her, do not wait. Images skip past the ears, not a little girl to remember. These little things holding us back, while we’re trying to go in the future. Forgiveness is not only a mandatory part of Christian morality, which we, frankly, do not orientirueshsya. If you forgive just because it’s NECESSARY, personal growth you can not see as their ears. We must forgive, in order not to be left in the past, to move forward and become a normal person.

5. Spends a long time in an environment that he doesn’t like

It can be changed. If the work entirely louts and negative, and pay a little, you can always leave. Rarely happens when you have no possibility to go somewhere, and who’s stopping you, dude, somewhere else? If you are not satisfied with the relationship, you can leave. If not satisfied with friends, it is possible to refuse them. There are no completely hopeless situations, in which two output — loop, or patience. There is nothing more pathetic than a bro who whines about their grievances, about the unfair fate, whining and acting like a victim! Don’t be a loser, man! Come on and go forward! Life is not as long as you think.

6. Oppose it

The truth always come out in the light. For example, when it is requested to do so, quite by accident. There are many things which we deceive ourselves. For example, in that work we like. Or that this girl was the one. Or that this friend is our friend and our family we just love it. We don’t want to admit that our lives where something went wrong that we wasted our time on those who, in fact, this is not dostoin.

But a strong personality and identity that recognizes this. If we don’t like something, it should stop. No need to sit on a bad movie just because you spent money on it and want them paid off! They have not paid off. Also don’t recommend you to change your preferences for the sake of fashion. Look at the truth — and that is what will make you happy.

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