6 things that irritate it in preludes


For some not entirely clear to me why women are obscenely polite and for what you do not say, what things annoy them. You can do something wrong and not know about it. You can consider yourself a true guru of foreplay and make mistakes. Life is a cruel thing.

1. You’re too rough

Men generally prefer more robust and aggressive touch and touch women as much as he wanted to touch them. Unfortunately, this does not work, because women mostly love soft touching, fondling. So next time try to be a bit softer and see how she responds.

Rule: If in doubt, have simplified the task. It is much easier to tell you to do something harder than softer. Start with a very soft touch and gradually increase their intensity. It works very well and in oral sex, and helps you to know her reaction. How she reacts will tell you how correctly you chose the direction.

2. Repetitive motion

When someone for a long time doing the same thing, it’s annoying. Women on the trouble, say what they like, and then the man has adopted, and continues to do this constantly, again and again. After some time something like that starts to seem dull.

Rule: to Change the actions and attitudes of regularly is much better than an overdose of something one. Repetition dulls the senses and bore me. Make foreplay interesting, supported by its sensitivity to touch her neck, chest, hands (inner side of the elbow, forearm, fingers), stomach, thighs, feet, toes.

3. To turn everything into a routine

Boredom in bed is usually a consequence of a lack of imagination and training. If you don’t have enough experience, you are shy and only do what you think is right, and he repeated and are rude. Experience means confidence.

Rule: It is trial and error. Try different approaches, different pressures and ask how your woman like. Don’t forget: she also trains, reveals what she likes and doesn’t like. Never think that everything is in order, because she never complains. Maybe she just doesn’t want to shake your confidence: afraid of the consequences. Do not assume that you know everything, and she will not be afraid to control his actions. Be a good student and get good grades and knowledge.

4. Aggression during oral sex

How women oral sex just don’t. There are a lot of reasons, the main of which are: perhaps you’re doing something wrong. Most of the causes of these errors is dryness during the beginning. Another reason to be too harsh and biting. Finally, you can too quickly jump to the most sensitive areas.

Rule: Keep close to the bed a glass of water if you plan to do with her oral sex. The sweet drink is also good, it stimulates the production of saliva. Sweet saliva well slides. But the water will go.

With regard to too much intensity, start with the easiest of touches, until it starts to hold you tight. When you start’t you pull away, touching her so gently it will drive her crazy. Then increase the pressure. Warm, soft, wet tongue — what you need.

As for teeth, in any case can not bite on during oral sex. Slightly biting other parts of the body — that’s erotic (back or belly), but don’t bite the sensitive areas of the body. Nipples and vagina these are areas where the biting is prohibited. In General, it is necessary to bite, only when it is done properly. How? Without blood, without a trace, without pain — if only she doesn’t ask.

Often men are blamed that they too quickly move on to more sensitive areas, rather than to turn a woman on. Sorry, can’t argue with that. Someone indulges in all serious, barely touching her nipples. Women need more stimulation during foreplay than you do, and if you contravene this biological fact, you may one day discover that while away the night alone and I don’t know why. Learn to understand your woman.

5. To twist her nipples

Now guys, mind you, twist the nipples is not cool. That’s what people do who can not do anything, it is a sure sign that you have no idea what they are doing. Maybe nobody found the time to give you instructions. Whatever the reason, remember: it hurts, it’s not sexy. If you do not ask about it openly, don’t. If she wants hardcore — she asks for hardcore.

Rule: When you touch women’s nipples, you have to gently pull them, suck, lick, stroke with your fingers, gently pinch between your fingers and touch them with his teeth (but never biting!). There are many different things you can do with her Breasts — use your imagination.

6. Not to pay attention to the clitoris

You can try like hell, but sometimes nothing happens because you don’t caress the Clit. It’s hard because you don’t always see, where is this kid.

Rule: the easiest and Most effective way is to open your eyes and use your hands and mouth. Watch what you’re doing, remember the feeling: then you can repeat it with your eyes closed, just by touch. The clitoris is hard to find, if a woman is not aroused or if it is deeper than usual. Look. Or even ask if not sure. Yes, she would like it if you knew everything, but if you do not know, never too late to learn. When an enlarged clitoris, it look like an inverted letter Y. If you gently touch it, it is easy to find.

To master their possessions

We all make mistakes during foreplay. We were all rough, biting, repeated and made up for boredom. Fortunately, we need less, otherwise women would have to cater to us. Just the female body need stimulation of another kind, so they are excited and have turned into such a sex goddess.

The best way is practice. To be a good student a pleasure. One fact that you’re willing to go to meet her, and the recognition that you can’t learn everything that makes you sweet and features her in your direction. You can’t let your big ego deprive you of a rich sexual life.

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