6 things that are destroying you

manygoodtips.com_16.10.2014_3hkNzJqqrsHKUYou lived only a smaller part of your life, but we believe that have become smart guy. You probably noticed that the smallest, almost imperceptible things that we do daily, have the greatest power of destruction that you will feel later.

However, sometimes unhealthy habits become so familiar that we forget to take advantage of free minute in order to think about values and the consequences of those actions and deeds that we do from day to day. You don’t have time to think about such important things, so we decided once again to help. The enemy must know in person. So let’s see this ghoul between the eyes!

1. Internet

It’s bad, blah-blah-blah… You know, I know, but every morning I start with the fact that, first, unlock your smartphone, then you come to the VC… don’t Even need to connect to the Internet: you didn’t turn it off in the evening. So what’s the news what’s new on the page, some regular women, what’s new in my favorite public servers?.. Like everything looked. Now Instagram…

In short, everything goes in a circle, and you’re so used to it that you are doing these actions by inertia. We would not say that you are dumb but do you remember what it’s like to write with pen on paper and not to poke the screen with your fingers?

It would be ideal if you started your morning with a charge. Yes, we realize that we ask too much that you are not able to resist the temptation to lie in bed in an embrace with the phone. Spend time which is now left in the social networks, something useful. Better prepare a really delicious and hot Breakfast.

2. Anxiety

It’s those nerves that you spend for no particular reason, worried about some trifle. Are you sure you’re actually involved in those events, which now are worried? Why are you still not understand that not every situation can be kept under control.

If you got a little woman, and you can’t calm your nervous system, try less to understand the different negative events. Give up TV and news sites. If there’s something really significant, then you already know it, don’t even need communication.

Rather, all to do with your naivety and gullibility, you can be fascinated to watch the news and say: «well, here they are, the assholes what they are doing!» By the way, the analyst has not been canceled: try to include at least sometimes the brain and analyze what is heard. That would not happen, even the most shitty situation sooner or later will change, and not have to worry about the fact that you still can’t change.

3. The monotony

When was the last time you tried something new? Even if you take the restaurant near the house in which periodically go: when you ordered there is something radically not like your previous order? You’re just treading water.

Can’t make or find that diversified would be, finally, the monotony? Pardon the pun, of course, but you leave us no choice: try to do something new. Listen to unusual you music, go to the cinema, which never was, at least change your screen saver on your desktop!

Our friends faced the same problem and made a bet: they will update weekly to go to a new place. For example, in the new hall. And in this bar they have to order something as unfamiliar and unknown. Try also to do that, and then spinning like a hamster in a wheel.

4. You’re prolonging the time

Instead of getting up with alarm clock, you’re prolonging this moment for at least another hour because you’re too lazy and you haven’t slept. Therefore, in an hour you get out of bed, not really having time to brush my teeth, put on yesterday’s shirt and soon running to the Elevator.

Only when you’re in the way to work, I remember that like yesterday to wash his shirt because of stains from French fries. Hmm, great start to the day. So, don’t do that. Try to get up on time, otherwise we will persuasion your friend, and she will punch you in the balls every time you hear a Wake-up call.

5. Incontinence

We’re not talking about obscene incontinence, you understand. You stumbled on an incredible sitcom that you really liked? What? Are you really going to watch the whole season over a weekend? A pancake, have conscience! You have in addition a lot of business, and you, as always, rests in your laptop and it will not be able to prolong the pleasure.

Like promised myself that on Saturday oprobuesh new exercise for the back. And another friend asked me to fix the shelf. So, you, as always, pissed away two precious days. Whatever floats your boat — just do it in moderation.

6. The performance of others will

Not just their performance, but also the neglect of his dreams. We have often said that you should live primarily for themselves. Life to you was given not to you found yourself and that you yourself have created. So make, please just make what you need, not others.

This is probably the main mistake. Most people are starting to go down this wrong path as a teenager, because they do not have everyone’s attention, but it happens that along with the person grows and its complex, which not everyone is able to get rid of. In the end, those guys who had to become smart and successful men become leaders of hipsters.

You need to take a closer look to the things that destroy you every day. If you have a little of each item, then most likely, you’ve already lost yourself. But this does not mean that there is no chance to return. The main thing — time to detect the problem and the solution are.

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