6 things optimists do differently

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A real optimist — being pleasant, do not confuse it with a positive fool, please. Optimists usually easier to cope with the disease live longer and better survive life’s difficulties and troubles. What even optimists do well? We found six more things that the advantage to be optimistic seems to be even more explicit.

1. Optimists optimally use all possible options

A real optimist is naive and does not deny all the realities of life. It is quite objective. Distinguishes it from the pessimist, the optimist truly believes that all of the presented options can be used optimally, there are no hopeless situations and there’s always room to optimize. If the idealist selects only the best aspects of the situation and ignores the most pessimistic, pessimist draws attention to the bad aspects, from the optimist wants to see all possible options, to choose the best of them.

2. They know how to respect themselves as they are

Optimists possess an exceptional ability to love themselves for who they are, no matter what. Nothing can shake the faith of the optimist in the improbability itself. And all because the ego of an optimist is protected from the troubles of the surrounding world in two original ways. First, they only trust their opinion. If they have no opinion, they rely on intuition and just doing it. Second, the optimist has its own grading scale», often very specific, they measure everything. Actually it’s not such a positive trait, like the previous paragraph, because if the optimists are the real defects in appearance he was a poorly dressed, slightly educated, he will never fix it: he respects himself. In fact, friend, you better yourself disappoint, improve, and then respect.

3. Optimistic fair share of achievements and happiness

In order to remain a true optimist, you need to constantly warm happiness inside of us. If you look for happiness outside of us, linking it with some achievements, we run into a wall of misunderstanding. And on two major issues:

1. Whenever we have something will not happen, we will for a long time to dwell on it, to fix, to suffer, scribbles, and never will achieve success.

2. You have succeeded in one thing, I want to improve and go forward. Thus you find yourself in a constant cycle of events and improvements. Bought a car — went to buy an apartment, bought an apartment — I want to buy a bigger apartment. Vicious circle, man! Happiness is not found!

4. They avoid negative people

And this creates a positive. A real optimist is a good buff: he is inspiring, uplifting and energizes their optimists all around. Themselves optimists are able to recognize negative people and avoid them quite skillfully. Amazing creatures.

5. They realize that life is a series of UPS and downs

If the optimist says that bad days don’t happen, it is not optimistic. This is a dedicated dude. A real optimist is well aware that in life, shit happens, but he’s always trying to benefit even from this stinking mass. And he always adjusted on the best, although prepared to drop. Although, I agree that this trait is more like a line of realistic!

6. Positive man positive in all

This bro uses a positive attitude, speaks positive words and does positive things. When optimist succeeds, he assures others that all this happened because he worked hard and his efforts were rewarded. The pessimist says that he was lucky. If optimist can’t do something, he asks perfectly logical questions like: «Maybe it was just my instructions not clear enough? Or am I not awake yet? Or it was a long day? Need to work on that!» Obviously, the mood is best suited.

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