6 things not to say when your new girlfriend sees your ex

what to do if met with the new oldThere may be even more than six things not to say when your new girlfriend meets your ex. Anyway, this is the situation with the creepy horror that doesn’t want to worry about waking any one bro. Let’s pray for that poor guy who was unlucky and who was walking with his new friend, met my ex. Seriously, if this happens to you, remember: there are topics that cannot be discussed. Read carefully.

1. To say something personal about your new friend

For nothing is impossible to your new friend know that you told her about your ex. And there are a lot of reasons. First of all, your friend is very upset that you’re still so close with his ex. Secondly, your ex has nothing to do with what you have going on the personal front, she really doesn’t need to know anything about your new friend, especially personal things. So don’t even start. Even if you think that the ex is your bro, just look in the face of this fact. Your new girlfriend will never appreciate this act. Don’t put oil on the fire.

2. Memories of past sexual adventures

Your new friend is not interested in your sexual adventures if she does not accept in them participation. No need to be macho and sexual giant. Everything you do in bed with your ex should stay between you, with no one to discuss. Leave it in the past.

3. Family reunion

Needless to say, how your family loved your ex. Are you trying to develop in my girlfriend a complex or what? You think so easy to please a foreign family? Your new girlfriend doesn’t need to know about how to build the relationship with your ex in your family, and she should not be listening to you two discuss such topics.

4. Memories of the good old days

No stories about how you and your ex had fun, looked like you had fun together. When your new girlfriend meets your ex, you should pay special attention to how you feel good with it, no need to remember about the old days. So your friend will feel that beautifies your life that it in its place. If you start to remember past fun, it’ll think you’re boring, you lack something. What’s next, you know.

5. Don’t compare them openly with each other

Will always be things you like about your ex. Perhaps some features in it you like a bit more than your new friend. However, it is not necessary to openly compare them with each other, especially in their presence. You’re just going to hurt both of them. If your ex is crazy, it’s okay, but about his real girlfriend should care. You might have to hang out on a cot.

6. I never regret about the past

You’d be a fool if I started on something to regret. So you show how little you mean your new relationship. And it’s a great way to Express your discontent with a friend. You don’t want to break up your relationship? And you can, if you blurt out such nonsense.

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