6 things girls pay more attention than the exterior


We already told you: women care what you look like, but that’s not all. Dudes don’t think, probably, even half of the things that bother women. They judge for yourself. That it is important in a woman? The face and shape! And we think that friend has the same structure. And grandfather, bald, dude. While it is important number of women (smart, of course, silly our ways) important to the quality. That is why they look at more fundamental things than appearance until we one by one put in his piggy Bank to win over the pretty ladies. There are at least six things that women are far more important than our appearance. What?

1. Your attitude to it

If you ask a Mature woman, who will she choose: a handsome asshole or an average nice guy, she will not hesitate to choose the second. And we, the fools willing to forgive beauties bad behavior. Women invest in the future and want a good attitude. In the long term, a good attitude is much more profitable. Asshole not long stay close, and soon will flee. This women is not interested.

2. Can you earn

We also wrote: women invest in the future and want reassurance for yourself and (don’t panic) of their children. This is normal. Even if she didn’t much care for wealth, which is everywhere a dime a dozen, it’s important that you have been promising option, otherwise it will not be wasting my time on you. A friend is looking for stability. And she needs to be cared for, and the poor type can’t even take care of your cat.

3. Common interests

common interests

You probably saw this point: for women the relationship is investment. The man she plans to spend time with must be relevant: it increases the chances to build a healthy relationship. In this cash and common interests. You can’t build a relationship with the person with whom you have nothing in common. What then to speak? All the time to argue?

4. Protection

Nowadays a woman can kick ass as good as any guy, and that’s a fact. But this does not mean that she wants herself to stand up for myself, and, and look for you. No. She wants you aroused in himself the instinct of the alpha male, even if you’ve never had to use it.

5. Education

Many women consider important in the education of his partner. Why? No one wants to hang out with a fool, but it is not even that; the reason lies deeper. No matter what you had evaluation. It is important to your ability to learn and know certain things. Important is your ability to upward mobility in modern society. «Upward mobility, what?» Let me explain. At the lessons of civics at school talked about it. Vertical mobility is the promotion, improvement status — in General, qualitative changes in life. It is important that you be able to do this. She’s not gonna choose the weaker sex: we are all animals and we are driven by instincts. Education in our society is one of the aspects of the force.

6. Physical form



Here it does not matter that you can raise one hundred and twenty pounds. But it matters how you take care of your body and can protect her. She wants a confident and strong man who a healthy body combined with a healthy spirit. No one wants to date a weak man who cannot resist the extra piece of pizza. This is a sign of weakness. Second, speaking from the point of view of biology, she wants the right male for works healthy offspring. This occurs at the level of instincts: not every woman is seriously considering the prospect of having a child with you.

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