6 things every man should do at uni

Order.kom.ua_12.08.2014_1kzv1HlPuJaCQOh, Univer. These few years that you spent enjoying life and ruining her young body. We think that learning never hurts and if you want to learn something new and pick up freshmen, perhaps it’s time for you to come back in a student Dorm. The University is not a school, it’s not stupid cramming rules and poems. When you’re a student, you’re kind of old enough to drink alcohol and partying with a stranger in the toilet nearest bar. But you’re too young to make serious decisions and that’s why you got away with it.

If you’re a student, you must do this:

1. To learn a lot of different girls

In the first year you are afraid to do decisive actions in terms of relations, but is already looking around in search of a decent, well, or likely to be available for the victim. You don’t know what type of women for you, and that means you can try everything, sometimes all at once.

It can be: the cheerleader, the nerd, glam bitches, hippies, Goths, girls with piercing. So, any. With this experience you will begin to understand more generally about life and relationships. Never miss a moment.

2. To go to the meeting

After you finished University and got a job, perhaps now you have a full day. You work 40 or more hours a week and spend a lot of time thinking about such things as insurance chess, various anniversaries, baby food, diapers. Now you don’t have time or energy to stand out in the crowd with a sign in hand, chanting something incomprehensible. If it’s a harmless rally, you’ll get a lot of emotions and then their grandchildren to tell that thanks to you the world is so.

3. The journey by car

College years are best suited for adventure trips. Even cooler, if it is a spontaneous trip. Gather some friends (or just one friend), fill the tank and hit the road. The name of the next stop doesn’t matter. They will be too much. You will feel incredible freedom. You’ll feel cool. To the end of your days you will remember this magical journey.

4. Skills

Maybe you already know where to go to work after uni. This, of course, great. But you still have to go to acting classes. Or to learn the Chinese language. Or get a few lessons on the guitar. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that you will be even more passionately want than just making money.

But even if it doesn’t work out, you’re still going to acquire the skills that will distinguish you from the rest after graduation. Plus, ask any girl. They all say that they like guys who can speak Chinese, playing the guitar.

5. To be the best

Training at the University, this is the time when you can make about 37 different things every day. But it is also a time intended to become really obsessed with one thing. Such as a team sport or individual sport. At least once during your tenure at the University, you must dedicate all its resources to be the best in a particular race. You should make every effort to win and you have no possibility to lose.

6. To be in great shape

The irony is that there will never be a better time in your life to have a awesome full body. Think about it, you need to start working on yourself today. You are now 20 years or more, your metabolism is better than ever. You still no pain in the joints, so you can run and play for hours and Wake up chipper the next morning as if nothing had happened.

Take care of yourself now and not lose in the shuffle student. You don’t have to regret after 10 years of fucked up time.

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