6 the deadliest cars of all time

This, of course, will focus on civilian cars which were produced in large quantities. Of course, there are some very scary ride, but interestingly enough designed by various craftsmen in their garages. And there is no perfect method, which could determine the lethality of a car. We just don’t know exactly how many people died behind the wheel of a certain brand.

Perhaps we will not remember the domestic auto industry and focus on normal cars, which were produced from 1980-ies of XX century in the United States. View which machines are responsible for high road mortality.

1. Chevrolet Corvette

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The number of deaths: 5.2 per 10 000 vehicles

On deaths in the ill-fated Corvette was a lot of talk. And there’s even one social study that opens your eyes to such terrible mortality. Historically, Chevrolet took first place in the rating of deadly cars. But there is an important addition to such a sinister title: the fault does not lie on an engineering mistake. The thing is that the car itself was pretty cheap, and looked on their times in style. A marketing company led to the fact that among the owners of Chevrolet were a considerable number of young people who just got the rights. And now I think about it: young men accounted for about 85% of all owners of this model, of course, dudes got into an accident due to inexperience.

2. Shelby Charger


The number of deaths: 4.5 per 10000 vehicles

This forgotten Dodge the 80s had its own character. Front-wheel drive, four-cylinder hatchback on all canons of damaged cars. It was bad, but had their speed because the speed in the ‘ 80s appreciated. The designer has added all sorts of new-fangled at that time pieces: the engine capacity of 109 kW, cooling system charge air to the turbocharger, lowered springs, Koni shock absorbers in each corner, low profile tires for improved handling. In General, everything would be fine, but when all of these improvements came into force, the result was that mortality increased by 50%.

3. GEO Tracker


The number of deaths is 3.2 per 10,000

There was a time when the deadly car in the USA was «tracker». Why take the garbage? Well, it was cheap and also very amused podlipich guys. Despite the short wheelbase, the car was quite high. Handling was, by the way, is terrible.

4.The Golden Eagle

Work.kom.ua_11.08.2015_Lma6AVihe8qTbThe number of deaths from 14 to 46

Car 1964 has a bad reputation. «Golden eagle» was originally purchased as a car for the police in Maine, and it is in this state around him began to gather the rumors, the so-called urban legends. Began to die officers who drove the car, many of them completed suicide. Is it true? Who knows, but the corpses remained dead. Another controversial model in the line of Dodge.

5. Ford B700, 1977


The number of deaths: 27

Here we will focus on the specific case. Than it is remarkable? And the fact that this Ford is nothing like a school bus with children. In 1988, the car crashed into a Church (the driver was drunk). The bus door was jammed, and the fuel tank exploded, which led to the fire. People trapped inside the bus and another near the Church. 27 people are unable to escape and burned to death. «What is the fault of the bus?» you can ask. Don’t know, but the mother of two deaths was considered logical to sue the company manufacturer. And you know, they won.

6. Pierre Levegh, 1955. Mercedes 300 SLR

The number of deaths: 83 formal, informal – 130

A car that looks like it’s from the future, but in fact from the past, was a mistake of the company Mercedes. The combination of historically unfavorable circumstances and ill-conceived engineering has led to dozens of dead people.

Crash racing driver Pierre Levega, which flew by car into the crowd, became the largest disaster in the history of Motorsport. In Switzerland even after it was declared a ban on motor racing. A huge role in the accident, played by the high content of magnesium in the frame of the machine, which led to a rapid ignition in the form of a white flame. Pieces of the machine began to fly away from the audience. And these fiery debris were the last that saw a lot of Motorsport fans.

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