6 technology in 2016, the year that changed our lives

In one year there are more technological innovations than in all of the XII century, so it is not always follow. And some are not worth attention too are characterized by high similarity. But we decided to weed out the outputs of different phones with wireless headphones and allocate, perhaps the most striking and the most obvious technological innovation and news, we love this leap year.

1 Pixel, phone number from Google

Why it matters: from the company whose operating system occupies 86% of the market, long awaited smartphone. Apple haters or just idiots waiting for the coming of the knight with a shining display, which will cut off the heads of the mighty Hydra called iOS.

Google Pixel is undoubtedly a superb phone and one of the best on the market, if you take today. However, his impressive specifications did his best, and a Grand coming of a new player on the market was not as loud as expected. Ask your friends how many of them paid attention to the news about the new smartphone?

But on the other hand, Pixel is not the smartphone that captures at the first appearance, he is more focused on the future. He needs to adapt, recover, and Brin and the team will help.

Look at him as a leader of the industry of the future, as the thing that will finally eliminate the iPhone from the throne. Although its design and read a blatant plagiarism of its direct competitor. If you sniff the air you can feel the looming tension between the two giants. For example, in the Pixel better battery life and more memory.

Apple will have to be more loyal and infinitely to surprise their fans with fantastic upgrades, otherwise, tired of the endless Scam, they will move to the side of evil. This misfires and waiting for Google, although they have needed to restore order and to say that makes these HTC smartphones of the group… wait, you thought is a product of Google? Come to your senses, essentially it’s a Nexus for a lot of money. But still ahead: the people wants to see Android with a normal update.

2 Autonomous fleet of vehicles from Uber

Why it matters: a big step for man, one giant for the automotive industry. Even more: it is a giant leap forward for Autonomous driving, including public transport.

Uber blooms and develops by leaps and bounds, changing from a mixed cab in the trendsetter of the transport industry. This year they reached the bar, which even Elon Musk wasn’t ready to end. And they launched a fleet of Autonomous cars Volvo at Pittsburgh, in partnership with the automaker to 2021, the year on the Pennsylvania railroad traveled at least 100 pieces of safe Autonomous vehicles. They are equipped with a steering wheel to take over at a critical moment, but, nevertheless, the pilot programme was a notable milestone on the road to self-management and elimination of congestion.

It looks like a crazy reality, especially since 2021-y occurs within 5 years, but remember that just five years ago, Uber, seemingly obsessed with the use of mobile taxi. And now a widespread routine, and the Corporation is estimated at 60 billion rubles is not.3 Studio from Microsoft

Why it matters: ultra-futuristic creative workstation for engineers and artists, which proves that Microsoft has re-embarked on the path of correction.

For many years Microsoft has been cursed by the uncool reputation of the brand, which is stuck in the 90s, which devoured all that he planted Apple and Google. But like a high school loser who eventually turns into a stud, Microsoft came out swinging with something impressive even compared to the Macbook. However, new computer from Microsoft, is superior to the 27-inch iMac as computing power and screen size.

Smooth, comfortable workstation designed for creative professionals, with a huge hinged touch screen that turns it into a good drafting table. And this thing boasts an incredibly powerful graphics and display. It’s a nice and sexy leap forward in the next stage of creative computing.

4 Pokemon Go

A global phenomenon, officially opened the era of augmented reality. Snapshot of reflection in popular culture, starting with music and ending with fanfiction. Even pretended to be young motherfuckers with the Bulgarian singer shot a video based on the game, not to mention more young in heart and body artists.

Leaving mind and my own physical well-being in the name of capturing creepy cute virtual characters, millions of people went in search of Charmander looking for him in the hidden corners dumplings, landfills, apartments and even churches. But churches, as you know, it’s not very nice.

Pokemon was a sign that the world is on the threshold of a revolution. Every day people are getting more and more comfortable interacting with technology that combines the real world with the virtual. Moreover, technology that entertains not so much, how many helps us easily to understand the world, to navigate it without looking at the screen.

5 Solar electrocrash Tesla

Solar energy — it’s great! She is recovering, dammit! It is environmentally friendly! She (mostly) endless! But let’s face the truth: most solar panels look horribly ugly and can quickly spoil the aesthetics of the house when they mold on the roof. Therefore, the Musk and the team, by and large, linked the benefits of solar energy with a conventional roof. Nothing new, just beautiful.

Ultra-durable tempered glass roofing shingles simulate traditional roof covering, but in contrast to clay and ceramics, it allows light to pass to the standard flat solar panels. The charging times Tesla Powerwall accumulate in the battery and then the resident can use the energy for various purposes. And that is especially good, while in American money installing this system is cheaper than replacing an entire roof.6 Falcon 9

Finally we reached that magical moment when the rocket has ceased to be disposable. I don’t like to praise a Mask, but the Falcon 9 v1.1 Full Thrust gave us all hope for reusable complex. The rocket carried 11 telecommunications satellites Orbcomm OG2 company and were able not only to fly but also to land safely.

SpaceX is betting on reusability of parts of rockets. It is at times reduce the cost of launch. That is why this experimental planting was so important.

However, all of the offspring of a Mask this year very diligently tried to convince, if not the case, then plans. In feeding Breakfast Mask has no equal, and if he, so to speak, to answer for his words, we learn in the new year, which is scheduled for release in the budget of the electric vehicle, and a bad dream of oil companies — Tesla Model 3.

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