6 SuperCool brands

Thanks to domestic thirst for making bad things, we have forgotten how to believe in their own, as Lomonosov said, «platos and quick mind Newtons». And we meanwhile know how to sew beautiful clothes. And let me introduce you to a wonderful six brands, doing magic with simple fabrics and patterns.


KRAKATAU — acting volcano in Indonesia, erupting which is always accompanied by powerful explosions and emissions of huge quantities of ash. In 1999 year, the guys from St. Petersburg began to create and produce under this name technological clothes, from year to year, evolving and accumulating its own history.

Clothing KRAKATAU is the outfit of the antagonist, means of protection and survival in the harsh climate and inhospitable urban environment.

Models KRAKATAU produced in an amount of not more than 300 units, each of these things is signed by hand individually numbered and never will be reissued in the future. Today, the KRAKATAU clothes sold in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Germany, Austria, Holland and Belgium.

In the current collection KRAKATAU recommend to pay attention on the ergonomic study of the hoods and sleeves, taped seams, fasteners, magnets, and reversed waterproof zipper, Japanese rubber stoppers and removable chevrons.

2. Zaporozhets

To admit, we love these guys, so be ready to write about «Zaporozhets» again and again. Everything they do can be described in two words: cool and stylish. Yet no one in the world knows how to put retro pictures and birds video game on the clothes. Their ornaments are surprised and the quality of clothes is good.

We heard that some people wear their childishness? Then look at their plain jackets, shirts, backpacks and baseball caps. The range is broad as the imagination of designers «Zaporozhets»: I want socks with bananas, you want – a stylish sweatshirt with retro lettering. As they say, any whim depending on your emancipation.

3. Codered

One of the pioneers of street wear in Russia, CODERED know how to make a fashionable and practical clothes for the modern young and the restless. Their clothes literally became the title sponsor for independent artists that the neighborhood. Brand is especially valued in graffiti circles as the first to support this direction of street culture.

The name of CODERED appeared in 2005 as a new journal name on graffiti «Fortunate individual». Code Red is the code, which means the beginning of a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union on the United States. Don’t think it’s the most loving brand, and anyone accustomed to fire and violence they are not going. But the technological clothes, membrane fabrics and other functional materials, perfect for everyday use, they can teach. But only due to the high quality of their products.

Over the years, CODERED had many iconic things and collaborations, some of which are more suitable for sports, others for publication.

But in addition to the main line CODERED, is working on another: CODERED Sport – retro-line of things, selectively uses the aesthetics of the clothing of the 90s. perfect for all who are tired of the parks tucked skinny pants and some like serial Thomas, not unaccustomed nostalgia for a good decade, raves and large mobile phones.

In addition, sODERED developing child TRUDE brand that embodies the bold combination of heritage work clothes, passed through the prism of modern street style. As you can see, will have to break down before choosing «his» clothes.

4. MySiberia

Someone because of certain stereotypes can podomatic what’s in store Siberian gifts, only can do is to sell the fur and wood products. In fact, the Siberian shop gifts MySiberia gives you the opportunity to show off the trendy clothes, whose slogan is: «We are from Siberia, and proud of it».

The mission of the boys MySiberia – to show the world the beauty of Siberia through design and brand products. Just look at these beautiful animals. Such a mixture of ethnic, modern and surrealist art into the brutal execution. It’s really very cool and powerful. This is not the seals, stylish bears and wolves in a stylish clothing.

We strongly recommend you to buy a t-shirt from MySiberia now that’s not considered a copycat. The guys have a Napoleonic plans: to become a gift shop from Siberia No. 1 in the world. And we are confident that they will succeed!

By the way, guys have also started to develop a new direction MySiberia KIDS, as the name implies – is a children’s clothing line, which they also intend to make popular all over the world.

5. Hook

Crimea, as you know, ours, and the Crimea has its own atmosphere, simply to fit in a cheeky snobbish are in simple words All Pizda (18+).

It is the hooliganism going on team Nookthat are that is transferred to the clothes her ideas.

It’s not bosyatsky underground office where for cheap t-shirts printed pattern-day. Hook using screen printing, combining her exceptionally high-quality paint. It’s not homemade in the conventional sense, it undegroundmade.

And although they have small circulation (because the mass is death), but a lot of collaborations. It’s not just hooligans, they are the real Crimean demons do really cool exclusive and even unique gear.

6. SHU clothes

The history of Petersburg clothing brand SH’U started in 2012 with the Cape. Now, many residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow triggered by the Association: «rain jacket – SH’U». Andrey Kravtsov, the founder of the brand, from the outset, a clear understanding of what to look for his clothes. Learned to sew and later went to China, significantly expanding the limits of production.

Just to sew clothes without telling anything about yourself, is wrong. In addition to regular updates of the collections, you guys pay great attention to video. One of their works, telling about the brand and its Creator, can be viewed below.

To look and buy clothes SH’U can be in their online store.

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