6 stupid thoughts that prevent you from developing

manygoodtips.com_14.07.2014_gwJApND0SzeZpIf you feel you do not live your life and do not use its full potential, then it’s time to radically change. Mostly we are afraid of the problems that have come up with themselves. The solution is obvious: we must stop worrying over trifles, and to unleash the imagination.

It is possible that because of self-imposed challenges you can not implement themselves. That’s worrying many thoughts to which you should reconsider your attitude:

1.I don’t deserve this success. It’s unattainable, so I won’t try

If you have visited this idea, then you are completely lost faith in yourself and you finally left hope. Try to find the remnants of light thoughts and get a hold of them. Focus on the positive aspects of what is happening in your life. No need to lose hope for a brighter future. You should not underestimate their capabilities.

2.Others will consider me stupid if I do it

What? What the hell difference that there will think that whore from the office next door or your colleague whose opinion you care? You have to surround yourself with people who will support you in your endeavors. You don’t need someone to call you an idiot and paranoid, in response to your revelation. Without regret get rid of such persons, if they interfere with you in achieving your goals.

3.To me it’s too late to change something

Of course, this is true, but only if you’re on your deathbed and are asked to call a priest. For realization of cherished dreams it’s never too late.» Or are you too lazy to tear ass off the couch, or are you not so much I wanted to. Follow your dreams and do everything to implement it. This is the meaning of life: to set goals and do everything to achieve them.

4.I tried but not got desired result, so I will not try again

Yes, you tried, but now you know exactly the thing to do. Try the other method. A bad result is also a result. If you hit a dead end, don’t stop, find the door. You can’t just give up.

5.I feel good in this state

«I don’t need to change anything». Not only is this idea stupid, it is also dangerous. You risk forever remain in dead-end positions. Whoever you are, you must constantly evolve. Over time, you’ll feel worse and worse until thoroughly zasyadesh into the pit of discontent.

6.I can’t do that right now, maybe later…

Well, Yes, we know these. Just admit that you’re a lazy ass. The only problem is that nobody cares about your life. Nobody is going to help you, this you must do for yourself. To find a way to solve problems or to find an excuse is up to you.

While you try to rake your doubts, someone more decisive already on the path to becoming a great career. Try to keep up.

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