6 strange stories about people who suffered a stroke

Man after hitting stopped crying

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Malcolm Miatt, 68 years old, had a stroke. It touched the part of the brain that controls emotions. As a result, he lost the ability to be sad. Experts say that after hitting quite often patients are psychological and emotional changes. Malcolm considers himself an advantage he never gets discouraged and sad and feels happy.

A Rugby player becomes a homosexual hairdresser

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Former Rugby player Chris birch suffered a stroke, after which he discovered that he was gay.

He left his job in a Bank, trained on the Barber and found a friend.

The Englishman spoke in Welsh

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After a brain injury caused by a serious blow, 81-year-old Englishman Alan Morgan forgot his native language and could only speak in the Welsh language (belongs to the group of Celtic languages), which, he thought, never studied, and in recent times visited the country for 70 years prior to that.

Doctors believe that the experience of Mr. Morgan caused by a brain disorder called aphasia, which caused damage to parts of the brain governing the use of the English language.

Morgan may have learned Welsh when I was young. He lived with his said in Welsh grandma when I was a kid, and during the Second world war, he and other children were evacuated to Wales to escape the German bombing.

Foreign accent syndrome

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Linda Walker after a stroke found that her Newcastle accent was replaced with something else. It’s called «foreign accent syndrome», where patients speak differently after a brain injury. Linda is one of 50 registered cases over the past 65 years.

Walker says, «My daughter said that I speak with an Italian accent, my brother says I’m Slovak, and someone else said I talk like a French canadian. But what I’m talking with a Jamaican accent, I just don’t know how to explain it.»

Man has become a digital artist after a stroke

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Ken Walters was not a creative person, when he suffered a stroke in 2005. After the accident, a former engineer became a person with a disability confined to a wheelchair and live on welfare that put him in a 19-year depression. And as if this was not enough, in 2005 he had a stroke. However, bleeding in the brain, which may have made the Walters life much more difficult came with an unexpected gift in the form of new creative abilities and creative engine. Walters began developing digital art and opened his own company in software development. He began a lucrative job at the age of 51 years.

The woman begins to feel a ghostly third arm

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After a stroke, the Swiss began to experience phantom pain in the arm, which never existed.

When the doctors asked her to hit the ghostly hand, her brain reacted as though the arm really exists and can be set in motion. In addition, the visual area of the cerebral cortex of the patient was activated, indicating the she actually saw the imaginary limb.

When she was told to scratch her cheek, a brain region that is related to touch, was also activated.

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