6 stories for one night

Sometimes novels and a massive lead so bored that you want something to read, there is no firmly. We have to contact the authors who write briefly but succinctly and skillfully. This, of course, talking about the stories — little stories, which mesh not worse stories for a few hundred pages. Of course, you need to read Ilf and Petrov, Kipling, Henry V., Kuprin, Chekhov, and here are these guys, whose names come to mind immediately.

1. The Suitcase Sergei Dovlatov

At the time, Sergei donatovich miserably immigrated for permanent residence in the country of hamburgers and respected music awards. That is why the immigrant theme so frequently raised in his works are always autobiographical tone. «Suitcase» is one of those works. This is a small collection of short stories entitled «double Breasted suit», «Poplin shirt», «the Velveteen jacket, Three pairs of Finnish crepe socks» and «Winter hat made of fake fur». This was the contents of the suitcase character of the work (i.e. the Dovlatov). And opened the suitcase in a year, the hero begins to sort through the contents and reminisce associated with a particular thing. Here’s an interesting look at the era and people through the prism of the conventional «rags». Although the «rags», their history, and availability are typical of the era.

You can read each individual story, and you gulp the entire book, it is a small and very readable.

2. «Skulls among the stars», Robert Howard

Another story from a series of strange biographies of lost Puritan, is actively fighting against evil in all its manifestations. This time, fueled by curiosity, Solomon dispatched one night in the swamps only to find to their Puritan ass even more demonic adventures. At the edge of the impassable swamps Kane will have to ward off pesky ghosts. The story itself was a mixture of fantasy, detective and spiritualism in General, in the spirit of the whole series about citizen Kane — light, fast, but extremely exciting.

3. «A toy for Juliette», Robert Bloch

Oh-Oh-Oh, what’s this story! A mixture of science fiction with a perverse eroticism on the theme of Lolita. The main characters are a grandfather and granddaughter, satisfy your sexual sadism with the help of a time machine. By itself, the story stirs his disgustingly playful eroticism, and a fascinating story. Candid images are the hope for the more «sensual» ending, but it is quite predictable that did not spoil the impression of this short works for 10 minutes.

4. «The hall of singing caryatids», Victor Pelevin

Quite a cynical story from the collection «5P», in which with admirable antiglamurny mood Pelevin gnobit Russian Beau Monde 5 years ago. He did, but in recent years with great fury. Poetry moved to a more intricate composition, and now, without preparation (i.e., extensive understanding of Russian reality and its newsmakers) not everyone will be able to understand what was going on, and who makes fun of the author. In the «Hall» this task is minimized. Mocking-ironic description of the life of elite prostitutes, the allegedly lost and kind of miserable — another resounding metaphor of the author on the topic of contemporary reality. It’s not the best work by a cult writer, but to read, definitely worth it.

5. «The most handsome drowned man in the world», Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Still a genius, damn him! With such a mocking attitude towards death, as in Marquez, it is difficult to live long. However, the fate of his loved and even took a long life, he wrote more such stories. Because after they are no longer afraid of nature, but still such terrible things.

What’s the story about? The villagers found the most beautiful drowned man in the world. Such a beautiful thing, no doubt, he deserves the best funeral. And then not say a word, because you need to read and decide what I wanted to say great Colombian, something to laugh at. Statement on human folly, a weakness for the outer shell, or love to create problems for ourselves? Maybe on something else, so read.

6. «My uncle,» Ephraim Sevela

Severe again writes about his Jews. What else to write, if he is a Jew? And if to describe the life of their relatives you have is much better than most Jews. Stories Sevela more than grey on top of the old Rabbi. So read unobtrusive and very ironic story, «My uncle» from the collection «legends of invalid street», which will answer a very strange question — how much conscience, and what a person can do chance and fate. All disinterested in the conspiracy of the Jews we wish you a pleasant reading.

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