6 steps to stand out in the workplace

Stop.com.ua_14.07.2014_1oQTmyaJqCChQYou, perhaps, ever in my life had to feel invisible in the workplace. Like and you work well, and often late, but your boss does not see the emphasis and even your name can not remember. What to do, how to stand out from the gray mass of plankton?

1. Focus on your strengths

To successfully curtail the career of the mountain, you need to understand what you’re cool. You’re not really good in sales, but in the analytical work you’re good at — show this to the boss. As practice shows, work on «mistakes», the desire to raise their own level in the area in which you are weak — not the best strategy to achieve career success. No need to try to learn how to sell better, try to organize your work so that you need to do more analysis.

2. Imagine project

Every time preparing to launch a new project, the organizers need someone who can gather to heap all of the information on the topic and present it in a digestible form to the public. The trick is to become this guy. You have done a pretty great job, however, the result will show that it’s worth it. You’ll be in front of a large number of people, and only the blind can you not notice after that. And, Yes, don’t forget to prepare the speech as we were taught.

3. Works great

This is one of the best ways to demonstrate to the authorities self-interest in the success of the project, work on it harder and more others. No, to stay up every day until late at night is not worth it, but if you’re interested in moving up the career ladder, try to exceed the expectations of the boss part of your job.

4. Be useful

From the point of view of the boss, not the employee worse than someone who constantly repeats something like: it’s not part of my duties. It is clear that the Manager does not have to wash the floor in the office, but perhaps you can help a colleague. Assisting his comrades in the service, you look like a team player in the eyes of the authorities.

5. Take the initiative

One of the best ways to stand out at work is to take the initiative in their hands, to be the first dare to lead project and so on. However, be prepared for the fact that the initiative is punishable. To volunteer to lead the project, you’ll have to work on it.

6. Be nice

It may sound naive, however, you are unlikely to be able to advance your career while engaging in internecine squabbles with coworkers or pouring shit the boss behind his back. So be polite and nice, then likely you will receive approval from peers and from superiors.

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