6 situations when you can barter friends for a girl

when you can barter friends for a girl

You finally got your girl, and you became a couple — good story. To everyone except your pals. No, of course they are happy for you, but still continue to go for your sarcastic remarks. They say you all my time now hanging out with her: «You don’t want to hang out with us, she betrayed you». Yes, you will hear a lot of this heresy. The truth is that when a man meets a new friend, friends often leave him by the wayside (at the time), because he’s busy getting to know this girl. Not too alienated from friends, however, there are situations in which it is possible without a twinge of conscience to give it up for a friend.

1. She’s sick

Hey, when you start to wind snot on his fist and tormented for days by temperature and terrible headache, she is always there taking care of you, giving medication and making the tea. You’d better do the same if they want to justify their title of boyfriend. You’d be a fool if I was having fun with friends, while your girlfriend dies of influenza. Come to her with medications: a variety of tablets, potions, balms and powders and show her that you care. Take care of her. Can even cook her soup if you know how to do it.

2. Meeting with her family

If she planned a family dinner, and you’re familiar with her parents, don’t leave her alone. This is usually a tradition that brings together all members of the family to which you were, in a sense, now also belong. In addition, it surely will be asking about you, and about your relationship, so you should facilitate her task by her presence at family gatherings. If you exchange a family reunion to a party with friends, it’s a bad sign for her. It shows you’re not serious about your relationship. So try to attend most of these events. If you have no other reason to justify to friends — that’s you, use on health.

3. In emergency situations

If your girlfriend’s car broke down and she calls you to help her to call a tow truck, it means that your relationship came to an end. Women want their man was there when they need it. To leave her on the side of the road, not to support her if he died someone close, if she lost her job or her evicted from the house — those things for which it can you to quit. If she finds out that instead of having to be next to you playing video games, watch…

4. Misunderstandings with friends

Here the situation is difficult. Nobody is perfect and your lady too. It may also be wrong, but in any case can not let your friends disrespectfully treated her. If they argue, and thus your girlfriend’s not right to speak to her about it respectfully. If your friend is not right in this situation, speak to him about this, too respectful. You don’t want to lose any of them because of some stupid quarrel.

5. If she cares about you

Every guy has a friend who behaves in a strange way. He always tries to inspire you, something to pull in some things, and girls usually don’t like. You better listen to her opinion. She’s just jealous: she realizes that your friend is cranky, and his decision was not the best that could be adopted. She doesn’t want you involved in dubious Affairs.

6. Wedding

If she goes to the wedding of a friend, you should go with her. Do not try to get away, making excuses that «you and your friends have already agreed» are not accepted. Think about it. Do you really want her to survive this romantic and sentimental moment without you? Incidentally, at the wedding, there are plenty of dudes who are looking for something to take, and when you see the lonely girl, will not hesitate to come to approach her. It’s like that throw a lamb to the wolves.

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