6 simple ways to make the day more productive

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2014_pcewLBmndV7inThe whole day spinning, creating around himself the appearance of a huge employment and bustle, but in fact, not a single case has not moved from a dead point. Does this sound familiar? The inability to properly plan your day are the source of many domestic problems.

1. Strict morning routine


Many successful people and businesses have about the same routine the morning hours, which involves an early rise, a healthy Breakfast, a little workout and quick view e-mail, to determine the most important and priority tasks for the current day. Learn from the powerful. Heat up your brain in the morning and make a plan from that list of things you must perform. And you can not look at anyone and create his own habits, your own personal «good morning»: a cold shower, loud music, the obligatory walk with the dog, anything! Productive attitude is half the battle.

2. Prioritization


Sometimes you are not able to make the most of 24 hours, because I just don’t know where to start. The most simple solution is to plan for the week based on importance and urgency of each case, with the exact deadline. Only specific tasks and specific deadlines.

Each task can be placed under one of the categories, and it is recommended to undertake the works under the first paragraph.

  • things you don’t want to do, but should do;
  • things you want to do and should do;
  • things you want to do, but actually do not have to.

3. Focus on one thing at a time


The brutal murder of your performance — inattention.

One of the biggest killers of productivity is distraction. External noise or extraneous thoughts that lead you away from the main pressing issues are the main enemies of any productive day. That’s why it’s so important to know where and in what conditions you work best.

You need some background noise to keep things to yourself? Try to work in a cafe in the morning, turn on the TV, but work in an adjoining room, if possible. Stopping the ticking of the clock or talking in the next room, use headphones. Or threats of physical violence.

For example, there are various online services where you can create and track your to-do list and the extent of their implementation. Even if you got distracted and forgot who you are, and who are all these people around, this app will be happy to remind you of why you started and what it was supposed to end.

4. Do the breaks


When you are hard at work on the same issue, mental tiredness and efficiency decreases.

There is a great method of time management developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.

The method of «Tomato» is breaking tasks into 25-minute periods, called «tomato», followed by short breaks.

Each tomato consists of 25 minutes work and 5 minutes of rest. After every 4 «tomatoes» in a row, rest for 20 minutes.

«Tomatoes» you can not divide!

No interruptions for 25 minutes, otherwise start again. Tasks longer than 5 «tomatoes» break into several subtasks, and if the case is not worth a «tomato», group it with other things.

5. Effective time management


There is no such thing as free time. There is only time unstructured. Use the app RescueTime, which will help to calculate when you’re busy with work and when idle for nothing. With this data, you’ll be able to plan your day and steer yourself in the right direction. The program consists of two parts, which monitors your activities on the computer and the server that this information collects, analyzes, and gives you a graph. You can visually see which sites and how much time is frozen. What programs were running, what algorithms are implemented.

6. Nagradi yourself for your honest work


Regardless of how you spent your day, look at your spent time and sum it up your achievement. If your success would you like to leave the best,is not a reason to destroy the entire hair on the body, just analyze where you went wrong there, starting from the drawn up on the eve of the plan. And try to take account of these errors in the future. Well, if you did everything properly, on a small fork «honorable mention for work. Plus, the premium factor a great way to motivate and relieve stress.

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