6 signs that you are suffering in your relationship

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We humans love to eat cactus, you could say it’s our favorite thing. Sometimes we all kind of try to show that in our relations all just Shine, but actually it’s much worse: you pretend that all is well. You are together, and thus, a priori, you love each other, right? It’s logical! But everything in life happens quite illogical. Sometimes two can feel each other sympathy, but nothing more. But sometimes their love can suffer under the blows of a wrong and selfish attitude to each other. We think that if a person is jealous, is a measure of love, another position assures us that jealousy, on the contrary, it means not love, but possessive attitude towards the subject. But jealousy still occurs, only need in this case to know the measure and not to suffer in their relationship. So as to avoid suffering? Here are the signs that you’re suffering in your relationship.

1. Your constant expectations of «how it should be»

We do not love people because they are perfect. We love people for what they are. «Perfection» is something that cannot be achieved, because the bar is continually being raised. For this reason, it makes sense to stop improving someone near us to better meet our high demands.

The less we expect from our relations with part of patches and other crap, the less disappointments. No one in our lives will never be the same as we want. The greatest disappointment in relationships happen when one does not want to follow the plan outlined another. There is no such thing as it should be,» remember that, friend!

2. The search for the missing pieces of themselves in the other

Sometimes we feel that we lack something, and we earnestly want to find it in another person. Sometimes it’s a strange feeling finding the missing pieces of the puzzle we could be mistaken for love or spiritual kinship. After a few months, or even years, we begin to feel that something is missing. We don’t feel that emptiness inside us is filled with, so we start to blame your partner. But only an emptiness in us increases. If we don’t understand that missing parts in another person there and we can’t seem to get them out, then we certainly will.

3. Bad communication

Maybe your soulmate is something worrying. Or, on the contrary, bothers you. So why you don’t talk? Why can’t you talk to each other? I’m afraid that the other person will not understand you? So, he may not understand, but you will have to live with it within yourself.

Great communication between two people — is not the basis of a beautiful and healthy relationship. If you have resentment, we need to talk, if you are not satisfied with something, we need to talk. If you do not want to talk and not work, you need to think about the relationship.

In addition, it is necessary to share their experiences, feelings and anxieties. And positive feelings. It’s a bond.

4. Little lies gradually accumulates and becomes a big

Anything is better than lies, even if a small lie. It lies almost cancer. It eats up all the empties and leaves behind only rotting scraps. When you spend your life only to lie to their relatives and people around, you have to face such a situation when you have to lie to yourself. You can lose a sense of reality and becoming like these beautiful girls. It is always better to tell the truth — for the simple reason that if the truth hurts, a lie is gradually sharpens not only you, but your friend.

5. The lack of presence

Sometimes during a relationship it seems that despite the fact that you are together, she or you are somewhere far away. I have the feeling that you two almost have nothing in common, and any enterprises you shy. There are two choices: either you start to show interest in the situation and your relationship to try to make them accessible to each other, or divorce. And so harshly.

6. Some relationships just can’t last long

That being said, sad but true. The chance that the first person’s relationship will be the last, was great only when it was not possible to get a divorce, and treason was punishable by death. But that was long ago, and people still managed to change. In our life, there always are people of whom we do not remember after many years. Rather, each time you try to call all our relations we are going to miss these people. Because they are just episodes in our lives. You, my friend, must have been such friends. I remember that I suffered about my first relationship, I now these feelings and the drama I remember with some surprise. I don’t even remember her name: Irina or Julia? And that’s fine. We need a lot of try before to understand what we really need. All of them remember, of course, not necessary, but useful experience from them, Yes. And you want to live with these experience points your whole life? Don’t be silly, man! It is very painful, the same as to hold on to a rotting piece of the body, which has long been necessary to cut. These people — not that other as invaluable experience, not halves, not quarters, they’re just the ones who have to change our life, damage our ego and shake us and all of our ideas. If I would have been far more pathetic than I am, I definitely would call these people teachers, but I won’t. It’s just that people, having gone through relationships that you can get a lot of great experience.

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