6 signs that this relationship of time to finish

manygoodtips.com_30.05.2014_Scnd1e6RzpNv8When the relationship lasts long enough, the force of habit, libido, fear of change, or other factors sometimes prevent critical approach to the evaluation of you as a couple. In other words, sometimes you just can’t or don’t want to understand that this relationship of time to finish.

1. You no longer trust each other

Without trust, there is a serious relationship. However, it happens that the trust was, but something was missing. And you hope that things will get better, but trust and doesn’t come back. Meanwhile, suspicions grow like a snowball. It is not necessary to wait for the lump the full weight of it overwhelm you. If «serious talks» do not work, perhaps it’s time to leave.

2. You have too different goals

Of course, we are not talking about that pair certainly had the same goal for two. There are two of you, you are different, your goals are too different. The problem arises when your and her vital interests are so contradictory that if not tomorrow, then day after tomorrow your ways will part. Say you want to devote your life to saving fur-bearing animals, and she was going to work as the master on tailoring of fur coats. Of course, we exaggerate. But the essence remains the same — some dreams and plans are incompatible. Not at all.

3. You don’t build joint plans

The key to strong relationships is the belief in a common, preferably a bright future. If you are building plans for next summer you catch yourself thinking about how and whether it will be summer at all, most likely, your relationship is under threat.

4. Relationships don’t bring pleasure

Yes, the relationship is a complex thing. Any relationship must be accompanied with certain percentage constraints. However, if you feel that your whole personal life was a continuous obstacle race, it is likely that your pair has no more chance.

5. You fantasize about a relationship with someone else

We are not talking about sexual fantasies with Chanel Stewart or your hot colleague in the title role. When you fantasize about sex, but about the relationship with this colleague — it’s rubbish.

6. You feel that she has become a stranger

People change, sometimes very much. If during your relationship she’s changed, and you’re not, or the changes affected both, but in a fundamentally different way — in short, if you realize that she has become a stranger to you, the relationship of time to finish.

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