6 services that will make your life easier

About 3 million years ago, an experienced hunter learn to build from stone axes and knives for cutting meat, I decided to do them all — in exchange for food and a higher status in the tribe. So he became the local «blacksmith», and people acquainted with the concept, which they will find will be called only after a lot of years. Service.

In ancient times the craftsmen were United in the society in the middle ages in the Guild. Today they are connected by one global network, the Internet, and access to their services only typed a few characters on the keyboard and a few clicks of the mouse, and then pressing one button on the phone. Almost any service is possible in any point of the globe, and globalization did not even think to stop in its rapid development. Truly a Golden age of development of our race is made up of little pieces like opening scientists have a new substance or create a new service. Today we decided to take advantage of what offers us the present world, and to share it with you.


Modern man buys a new house only once in life. Sometimes, two. Because this step is incredibly big and associated with lots of risks. The apartment may be under arrest, it can be temporarily drawn some cousin of the owner, and the owner — all to be bankrupt, and not even in the least owner of the property. All these nuances are very difficult to find out is usually: — unavailability of the necessary information, through natural modesty, perseverance realtor. It is no secret that the last main thing to sell, and the case further is not their concern.

So, it turns out, there is such online service which helps to know all the ins and outs of the accommodation and its host in just 24 hours. «QUARTERBERTH.RF» really brought the experienced lawyers who are willing to perform all real estate documents and even to learn the legal history of its owner, and then to meet with all risks of purchase only if you have three documents. And in a business tariff you can find all the information about the apartment only in the presence of its address. As a result, within 24 hours you will receive a legal opinion describing all identified risks and recommendations on their elimination.In addition to these there are many other reasons to reduce the risk of buy and learn more about it. Few people realize that if the seller owned the property for less than three years, there is a chance of claims from former owners. The apartment can be the address of mass registration to be the subject of litigation, to be sold at an inflated price (so, you can see the average market value) and have inconsistent alterations. The seller can be a fraudster with a fake passport, a criminal record, debts and help from the hospital. Don’t believe me, but this service is also able to learn.

2. SmartProgress

Procrastination is the scourge of the society of the 21st century. Scientists believe that the cause is too low self-esteem, a spirit of contradiction in oneself and lack of confidence in the successful result of the target. Today, so many possibilities around, and it’s very easy to get confused, to get lost in their own motivation. Admit it to yourself – it’s not laziness, it’s in the absence of an appropriate motive. We love social media for the opportunity to learn something about the other person, and to acquaint other people with their inner world. So the service SmartProgress gives you the opportunity to share their goal and forget about the damn procrastination.

Here gathered more than 127 thousand people who really care about their lives. Businessmen who want to achieve greater profits. Sports fans who want to increase their success. Writers, intent to finish the book before the end of the year what did not. Digging on the website, we found the guy who put the goal of «not to listen to music on the street», saying that thoughts are confused and under the car you can get. And one girl decided to learn to snowboard», despite the fact that I got on the Board four years ago.The feature of this service is that you answer to living people who are important to inspire the success of others and even the goal itself. To accomplish it you have to fill in the necessary criteria like «own resources» — that you will need for the result. Here you can’t leave everything for the end of the specified time, as reporting will be required every day, and you just conscience will not allow to evade the intended work (as well as latent demand in the likes that here too). In turn, you will receive scores of «experience» and new «levels» for motivating the continuation of activities. An important caveat: there are also instructors who conduct courses on different subjects — from an expert text editing to increase the desire for purity. So if you have something to teach people – go for it.

3. 4teller

It seems to be «the future» has arrived: we use «can do everything» gadgets, eating artificial food, here-here will start to raise children in a test tube and will soon beat cancer. But still humanity continues to take the long view: when we will fly to Mars, when create a person with perfect genes or Android with at least a perfect «brain», when in Russia there will be normal road. The technology of the future, the possibilities of the future, the history of the future — all we care to know now. Well, one portal great help us to understand how long to wait for the paper to print repeatedly, and as many cyber attacks will face banks in 2017.

Fictional or fabricated news 4teller just does not happen — any suggestion has a rationale (often real experts) and voting system, which you can also understand whether it can happen or not. Take, for example, forecast that Brent crude next year will be set at the price of 55 dollars per barrel: in addition to the main infomaker, has interviewed investment banks, there is also a suggestion of the Ministry of energy and Rosneft head Sechin. Each of them has its mini-ranking of veracity, which is also important.The use of such a service visible to the naked eye: just one day, you can sagely tell your friend: «I told you so!». But seriously, it is very practical to know what awaits us in the future and be ready for it. To dig sites and keep the forecasts of various experts in the bookmarks — a waste of time. But when it’s all collected in one place, just go back and read issue Outlook. The service is still developing, and he is clearly focused on the tradition of Wikipedia: to make your prediction regarding a particular topic and everyone can (of course, as evidenced by an independent opinion). So you too can make a contribution to the future.

4. Naydidom.com

Returning to the subject of housing. Here we are smart — and they said «trust, but verify» and as found, not told. Meanwhile, this process many people do not understand even how to begin. Where to go? What ads to give? Where to look for a new home? In the network to be lost and to fall into the hands of all realtors very easy, meanwhile, it is also possible to very quickly find a suitable apartment — the taste, the color, size and location. Even in another country.

In fact, enough to go around: we found you a website. Combine the thousands of ads on sale and rent of real estate for the beautiful shell effectively search and pleasant interface is failed, it seems that only this portal — Naydidom.com. Its meaning is very simple: to help you find a cozy place for living, business or leisure. It is enough to kill a few indicators: sale/rent, location, type and price. And then the master’s hand to choose a what to the soul… and the pocket. Here you can find the property in new buildings from the Builder in new Moscow.Interesting fact: to find a property here even abroad. Even in Karaganda (we checked)! Although better, of course, Greece or Spain, especially since a bunch of offers. The choice is really wide, although it depends on the season: in the catalog, for example, there is Alaska, but without the ads, although we do not fall into despair. Anyway, now you know where to look. We add only that if you choose something, leave the site do not hurry, you can find wonderful ideas for fixing everything in the house from the balcony and the plumbing to the kitchen and garden.

5. Space In Space

However, if you are only interested in the business place, the issue will be different. Renting a certain room for a shop, salon or office, you will sign a contract with a landlord. But when you go the extension, it will have to find another place — in another street or in another city. And this is the second landlord, which also will need to sign a contract. As a result, the larger the room, the more extra paperwork and connections. The latter is not good, because not every landlord is an angel with a halo on his head, so with each new contract, the chance of losing space because of the whim of one person will increase.

But if the contract is one, but many of premises, the risk just yet. Especially if to negotiate through Space In Space — the portal, which gently takes the hands of the one who wants to rent the property for business, and someone who it is. Here you can immediately determine your goals and to agree on a few premises, and guarantee that no one is cast — iron. Using the service, you just find the right place, choose the rental period (short term, and can be permanently, although nothing is forever) and leave a request. By the way, it is generally uncommon, when the lease provide for a short period of time, but here is more than real. Useful feature for start-up entrepreneurs who are not able yet to draw long-term lease. Registration is online, but in the room you will still need to look.The range is really big — in the presence of hundreds of sites where you can do your thing. And if you are afraid of the legal delay, then nothing, because the service has its own team of lawyers who will provide support for any project. To see how to really work the whole system, just go to the section «success Stories» and make sure that such services are available to everyone, even the «club of lovers of drones» and «blogger».

6. Track24

Someone once said that the long wait can turn hope into indifference. Perhaps, it even could become a slogan of Russian post: «We are the void in your hopes (sometimes literally)». Indeed, to wait until ordered in the online store package is incredibly hard. Knowing the reputation of these guys, some are immersed in mental suspended animation, but would not worry. But those days are gone at least several years ago: modernity made us new technologies, which, although not able to accelerate the work of the Russian post, but I can tell you where is your parcel.

This, of course, about the tracking codes that are now molded to the proposed goods. This thing is a unique mail ID which is easy to detect by using Track24. The position of the parcel, therefore, is constantly monitored at every stage. The advantage of this service is that it is not necessary to go every five minutes. You score code package, which you reported in the store, and then receive a notification about its status in the online pop-up messages, browser extensions.But it still did not go — the service went on and organised the shipping of goods from the United States. Because American stores don’t send things outside the state, then you can order them at the local warehouse Track24, and from there they will fly to Russia. On the website you can also find the best shops in the States and even F. A. Q. on shopping. The savings are there reusable, and history tracking is maintained.

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