6 scary things didn’t seem to be terrible in childhood


It is interesting to look back on his former self, to their children’s ideas about life and understand how little you understand. Yes, we all were once young and naive assholes, which was not the case before the whole world, and we generally had no idea about how hard this life is. I remember being afraid of the dark and heights — what was it, like I’m sorry I can’t return these stupid childhood fears. But now we know what things in this life really scary.

1. Loneliness

When I was a kid, around me there have always been people at school, on the Playground, when I was playing the computer or just spend time with my family. Next to me always was someone, in the head and even the thought of being alone did not come. And now thinking about loneliness is very real. If my girlfriend dumps me and no I won’t like? If my friends leave me and never contact me? What if I have kids and they will hate me? What if I write a post on Vkontakte and no one will lakenet?! This is the real thoughts that come to my mind every day and scare me to death. I immediately imagine myself old and alone man who knows that no one will care and come to say goodbye to him. And my whole life is dedicated to ensuring that every possible way to avoid this scenario.

2. Debts

Debt is, perhaps, the worst fear. They can destroy your budget and leave you without the ability to make purchases, rent an apartment — is a direct path to helplessness. Debt is the greatest evil of our world. It’s such a Ghost that first takes your hand, and then pushes you into the abyss. When I was a kid, «debt» — it was just a stupid word that I heard from a father who complained about neglectful neighbor. And then once you borrow and can’t stop.

3. To pick up the phone

Please send me a text. I don’t like to answer calls and do not have the slightest desire to talk to anybody, ever. It’s mostly fear of the unknown. Before, I was always happy to answer my calls — it was at a time when people didn’t call just to me about something to ask or tell some sad shit that will ruin my day and spend my precious minutes. Before it was just taking the phone to someone else- and they are all going. And now every time my phone rings, I panic, and I’m trying to come up with a better excuse in order not to take up. Then I write the text and find out the question this way. Each time a phone conversation turns into a terrible torture.

4. Police

Yes, the police sometimes make heroism, but in nine cases out of ten, I don’t want to see them anywhere else. Even if I have nothing to worry about as soon as I see a COP, I think he’ll approach me with some shit — for example, ask the registration. Yes, I have it right, but it’s until November, and then I’ll have a reasonable cause for fear. In my childhood I never had such feeling. If I saw in the street a policeman, I immediately thought of a cute uncle Stepa, and I was pleased. The cops are always so serious, they are so well aware of their power, which I prefer to avoid them.

5. Rent

In my childhood I tried to explain what it is.

I: And that on the first of each month to give money to a stranger?

Someone there: So.

I: And how much?

Someone out there: *a large amount*.

I: That’s a lot of money! And the apartment is big?

Someone out there: Ahaha, so simple apartment on the outskirts.

I: how long?

Who is there Until the end of life.

Me: Dumb.

I was not able to realize the full horror, because the matter did not concern me personally. It was not a reality for 11-year-old dude. And for a guy over twenty is very real. Rent is scary when you delve into the essence. You just give your money for the right to have a roof over my head. A lot of money. Half the salary. Every month. Sh-mo.

6. Saturated fats

In my childhood I did not care, but now I realize that heart disease kills more than a million people a year. And even fat people no one likes. I don’t want to be neither the one nor the other.

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