6 rules to 6 pack abs

manygoodtips.com_15.03.2016_I6ORf6tbPz5VAStill pack abs, about the beautiful relief on the belly, because the bloated belly is like Lois Griffin. And while you are scratching their heads over how a month and a half before the may holidays to make the stomach more elegant, we indicate how this can be done in a month.

1. Cardio around the head

From a young age, are offended by overweight gentlemen insisted: «drischey always press to be seen.» Based on this thought, we can tell you to ease up on the cardio. Good old pumping of the heart muscle to coerce any fat is better than a drop of Fairy. So, next time not on weight, and cardio. You can get less kg per workout, but chase vessel is required. But not part of, or can tell me a full-fledged «I’m sorry, goodbye». If cast to torture the muscles, the normal of a relief to not wait for anything.

2. Proper nutrition

We are currently not able to offer you some rapid diet that would be suitable for everyone. Diet, it is like charging to the iPhone for each model (in our case, person’s) own. You should know your body and know that can make you fat. Helping someone fasting, it’s easy for someone to diet Elena Malysheva, and someone after such torture as was a pow, so they will remain.

Anyway, take this advice, certainly will not be superfluous. If you eat a lot of protein, fill up on greens, fruits, vegetables and everything that grows, and pour left in the body to a healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats. Superfluous will not be exact.

3. Water, not food

Work.com.ua_15.03.2016_KkfzuMqpok5JSA gallon of drinking water a day will help you not only to satisfy hunger, to stave off hunger and also helps with swelling. I want to eat and drink, otherwise the cubes will not see. Every time a pitcher of water before you take food. Most often, our hunger urges are nothing more than a desire of the body to drink. You should try to drink a glass of natural purified water before eating. Such trivial aperitif will allow you to figure out whether you want to eat.

4. The fat will not go where you want

I would like to explain seemingly simple but unknown to many thing: it is impossible to burn fat in a specific area of the body. Most often in this region except that you can build muscle. Spending 20 minutes a day in the gym, doing crunches and planks, you will not drive the damn fat just on the sides. It’s either the whole body or nothing. We talk about it not for the fact that you left your classes, on the contrary, don’t leave training. Just give up these foolish thoughts.

5. Not with pills and exercises

A friend of mine who wanted to have the torso as Torah, began to take… no, not make, to eat weight loss products, not withstanding diets and torture in the gym. So, listen to good advice: take the pills in the toilet and go plow, push-UPS and everything to strain. Most of these funds has nothing to do with losing weight, rather, with quackery.

6. Exercises

manygoodtips.com_15.03.2016_Y08G6Xym41xTBOf course, crunches – the secret of success. They have no numbers, so you need only to select a few for their workouts. Crunches, «Bicycle» – whatever you want. Just remember, the point isn’t to make them all the time, but to make them effective. 3-4 times a week after workout 3 sets of 30 reps is enough to fat the belly cut a silhouette of the desired cubes.


Cubes require hard work, discipline and some physical and psychological suffering. Those who claim the opposite, shamelessly lie. You just need to create a caloric deficit, regular exercise with weights and cardio, eat clean and healthy food, to avoid dehydration and to flush all the excuses away. If you keep the commandments, we will find Cuba in a month. In General, everything depends entirely on you.

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