6 reasons why you’re unhappy with your life

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2016_nWx1iiQGL0PzvEveryone wants to be happy, but unfortunately, not everyone knows how. It turns out that according to the statistics of unhappy people like the mongrel fleas. Like you’re trying to do something, somehow to spin, but still not feel satisfaction because life — she’s smarter, she’s not only always prevails, but unfortunately stealing. The dogma that you need to take, and not it makes you unhappy, this fault is on other things.

1. Your mind is ruled a ball

Everything you think and imagine is not reality, only a product of your mental activity. Simply put, it’s a reality for yourself, not for others.

Your thoughts, behavior, answers are the product of all the information imprinted and programmed into your consciousness from the moment of conception.

Our brain is essentially amazing for collecting and processing data. Life is a thing that is highly subjective, and so one seems bleak gray hell, and other interesting stuff. On paper everything can look good, but what good will that do, if in fact you are shy, insecure, full of complexes terrified child.


A «program» by which we live and create our life and become unusable for a normal existence and will inevitably become obsolete. And while the mind is not brought under control until it works the way you want, nor what kind of happiness can not speak.

Our minds are equipped with the reticular activating system, which filters the information not supported by our current beliefs, skipping only stiff, not always true but the relevant beliefs. This kind of internal censorship in a totalitarian state. Down with dissent, just ideas, in the spirit of the mode!If you consider yourself weak and shrinking, the brain will kindly provide evidence of worthlessness.

There are many ways by which you can control and manage our internal system that will support, not limit us. In fact, the recipe is simple: insane optimism, boundless faith in good and substantial enrichment of their knowledge — all this will lead to startling changes.

2. You’re constantly with someone, compare yourself to.

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2016_1noirczxWob0eConstantly compare yourself with others? I am convinced that it will never be as good as just made a conditional Erokhin, who always put in an example? I would not want to offend anyone, but if you’re not muscular tanned six-foot alpha male with beautiful nails and a good position in a good office, does not mean that you can’t be happy.

To compete with the rest of the world extremely boring and senseless, which is capable, perhaps geniuses. It is one of the most destructive things you can think of. All did not win, but better than 7 billion people will not.

Be grateful, and to my parents for right now, you can find joy in the little things. If not — then we need urgently to have such a wonderful skill. Surround yourself with people who support you, friends, not competitors, individuals, let them be better and more positive you, however, they will not have to compete for a place under the sun.If you have a challenge to serve the success of friends, and you’re trying to compete with the planet in everything — then you take yourself too, too seriously. Ask yourself what you’re afraid of losing, why do you these things to which you so aspire? Can’t answer? Mind empty of excuses that you will be happier and more successful? No, it won’t. Even if the next morning you turn into Ryan Gosling, the happier you become. You’re not as bad as you think. Well, if you don’t believe us — believe the psychologists, they found that people who look at 9 out of 10 on a scale of perfection, and dream to achieve the maximum level in the pursuit of perfection cease to notice and enjoy something. And even if they succeed, you feel the emptiness — the goal is no more.

3. You’re chasing a dream that will only give you short pleasure

Advertising and the modern consumer society is persistently telling us that if we get what you want, you will finally be able to achieve happiness and satisfaction. Now, this statement is sheer nonsense. A sense of novelty, as well as a sense of satisfaction — the most ephemeral in the universe.


Studies have shown that major personal events (both positive and negative, such as winning the lottery or serious injury) create only a temporary change in the level of happiness, and after a short time everything returns to normal. Even when you manage to get the girl of his dreams, then after a month all the passions give way to despondency common life.

So, no need to look for happiness in the global, you need to look for happiness in simple, trivial, the volume of the Block at hand, and the dumplings in the pan. Happy people can do more positive things, creating happiness around you.People living on perfectionist-consumer auto-pilot are convinced that if they don’t find the perfect partner, the perfect job, or earn an ideal sum of money (about 20 billion), they can never be happy. In this truly happy people understand that having an interest in life, keeping a positive attitude, and catching the buzz from the simple things, they get all the same emotions.

Black woman with Small-happy rain and food, Albanian immigrant is happy work, and you dismiss because you don’t like your apartment, car, salary and the saleswoman at the store.

When you make your life a pursuit of pleasure, you miss all the congresses to places in life — a single of things can bring happiness and joy. This does not mean that you must renounce the goal, just don’t do this goal is the primary measure of mood and pleasure.

4. Do you see yourself a victim of circumstances

The main distinguishing feature of humans from other creatures is the ability to find those responsible for their failures. But if not to be afraid, and take full responsibility for everything that happened to you the circumstances, you can see how much will change in my life.


In the end, some nonsense to blame someone. What are you hoping for? That someone admits his guilt and to justify, will do anything to make you forgive him? Of course not, it’s just an excuse of helplessness, which is a consequence of your poverty, sluggishness and apathy.

The only problem is that live, exposing themselves a victim of circumstances much easier. The victim is never satisfied, because pleasure is not part of her personality. Complaining, gossiping, blaming others for their shortcomings — this is health, this as you want.You need to take responsibility for their lives, to realize that no one will ever be able to affect the state of your Affairs while you did not give this good.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Life is a journey of UPS and downs, trials and rebellions. Some very lucky people had the greatest time such that it is difficult to imagine. And they do — live and enjoy life.

5. You’re just a miserable person

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2016_4ElKPns98NumgLet’s face the truth, you’re just pathetic. If you are constantly complaining, never satisfied, simultaneously burdening others with your whining and complaining, it is obvious that you’re a spineless rag. So shut up, and look for motivation. Nothing will change unless you try to change something.

Easy enough to explain why such people can sometimes be: multiple injuries, resentment and frustration, coupled with the above-described features of the brain. The recipe from this one — a variety of motivational and change of the worldview of movies and books. The main thing is to admit to himself in his own repulsiveness, and begin to work, to have discipline and self-development.

6. Happiness is a process, not a goal

Until you see happiness the goal of life, it will always elude you. Happiness is not an endpoint that you want to achieve, in fact, happiness is not a «thing» at all. Happiness is a way of being.

It is a way to enjoy every minute, appreciate what you have and not be jealous. Happy people understand that life is too short not to enjoy every minute of it.

A lot of people said: «I want to be happy. But I don’t know what it needs». All because happiness is a practice.

Balance your mind and body with the image that brings me the highest pleasure, there are no dogmas, no need to eat right, do exercises and things like that, it’ll only make things worse. So you can’t know yourself at a deep level, however, is not ogloblya too much in a jungle of knowledge, so you can move the mind and become a famous philosopher.

But if you don’t know what for you a comfortable environment, what kind of lifestyle suits you, then experiment, shake up your routine. Life is one endless tasting of everything, all you need to try.

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