6 reasons why you have no sex

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Women are people too, and, surprisingly, they too can not want sex even when they do not have a headache. But sometimes they want sex too often and really long. What is going on? Does she not love you anymore? Actually a lot of reasons, but the main six anyway. Today we will tell you why she doesn’t want sex, and what to do with it.

1. She’s angry with you

The fact that she can’t have sex with the person she’s angry. She is unpleasant. Often it makes you realize that you’re wrong, not by words but it deeds, so when it is not given to you, you probably did something wrong. Creepy women?

What you need to do? To talk to her. Convince the girl to tell her what was bothering her that you did wrong. If she says that «Everything is fine» and quickly change the subject, try again and maybe in a minute she’d be sobbing in your arms, and in fifteen minutes you will have mind-blowing sex.

2. It is loaded

Perhaps the fact that she is phenomenally loaded. It work, study, talk with friends, exercise, Hobbies, problems with parents, but also the need to clean the house and cook you a meal. What’s the sex?

The solution is very simple: ease her burden. Wash the dishes, clean your room, help with the cooking. Usually busy person seen from afar by the deprived eye. The girl will also appreciate if you’ll send it to rest, and himself engaged in the food and cleaning. I assure you, she will appreciate your attempts and the joy of sex will return to your abode.

3. She doesn’t like sex

Maybe you can, but not every girl likes sex. We have an article about these ladies was. By the way, she is . These ladies have sex with a dude to get him and tie him to yourself. The sex that they strongly care about, and sometimes annoying. Now she was his and can sit on the priest exactly.

Out of the situation if it is not important to you, stop the relationship, if the road — we need to teach her to love sex. Again — talk to her. Find out if she had bad experience in sex, I mean, arousing her anything at all, look at her porn. You have a long and tedious job.

4. She does not feel sexy

She was tired, and under her eyes there were circles. She jumped a pimple right on my nose or she has gained a few extra pounds. In any case, she doesn’t want sex because she doesn’t think herself attractive, and this idea of passion as her nibbles. Girl wants to be desired and this pimple on my nose can’t do it.

How to fix it? Compliment her, convince her undeniable attractiveness. Show extreme care and affection, you can massage the legs.

5. She believes that sex has become boring

So, the last sex was uninteresting, boring and not impressed. The girl was tired of this constant poke-poke, it is better than the show look.

Us to teach you, every men’s magazine reminds you about the need for diversity. We even have an article about it (we’re also a men’s magazine!). Feed her chocolate and fish, preferably separately, romance, aromatic candles and other bullshit.

6. You just ceased to draw her

Very nasty problem, other. The girl lives with you out of inertia, she’s tired, and your touch disgust her, or Vice versa, does not affect it. If she began to behave unusually, somewhere long to go away and disappear, then perhaps all is lost. Maybe she’s involved with someone else, and she doesn’t need you.

If so, so sorry.

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