6 reasons why we are not as successful as could be

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2014_CHF5xKMqDpjPcI feel that lately something life not right? No problem, dude, we can tell you why you didn’t go as you plan.

1. You think too much, but don’t act

It is worth to explain in detail the essence of the question? We do nothing with our ideas! Everyone who is taking a shower or sitting on the toilet has a couple of cool ideas. And where are they? I think that 75 percent of these ideas could be implemented, but dude something is sucked, instead of coming out of the shower and start to act! The only way to defeat all your doubts and to realize their dreams — to start to do something.

2. You can’t focus your creative mind on the goal

How would it not sound strange, but the limitations of developing a creative mind much more than complete freedom. Sometimes it may seem that complete freedom makes any goal achievable much faster, but it is not so. Let freedom gives us infinite possibilities, but she just scatters our vision of our purpose and lubricates our way.

Restraint force us to think differently about problems, more down to earth and practical. You want to think outside the box»? Are you sure you want this? Can be in a box not so bad? Less space — more action, less room for maneuver, but much more attention to problems of implementation.

It is impossible to travel through the air and swim without water — you always need support, without support you’re in zero gravity: complete freedom, but what to do with it is not always clear.

3. You are paying a lot of time personal fears and feelings

Until you realize that your problems in some way, and your blessing, it will be difficult. No it happens when there are no problems! Even if you have a problem, this does not mean that you did not competition. Arise, shake yourself and go forward. It does NOT matter how slowly you move towards your goal, the important thing is that you move towards it. Go ahead and don’t give up.

If we talk about the long term, our dream is destroying not how we move and where we are, and our feelings and fears about work/not work. Fear is the little death, remember this, man!

4. Your expectations you torn

Give up unnecessary expectations. Appreciate what you have. Smart people should understand what doesn’t matter is half empty or your glass half full. Just be thankful of the universe and the occasion for what you have glass. Glass is, in fact, quite a lot. And that it is splashing — a separate song. Your happiness and success will be directly proportional to the size of disturbing thoughts and vain expectations, that you spent on them.

Despite the fact that things makes sense to look positively, they are also worth watching and really. Hope for the best but expect less — you’ll have more chances to fall low enough. High expectations are ridiculous in the first place so that you seriously trying to deal with reality, and it’s stupid!

5. You become distracted from your goal

Some guys seriously think that they are not in the least deviate from the planned route, but not on this item. In fact, the advice to these comrades: only one deviated from the planned route, took the compass and got back on the trail before anyone noticed.

Some guys are confident that their desires and hopes should be abandoned because they are adults, they have a family and even time to dream about how to become a developer of indie games, and time to join in the mortgage. This is complete garbage! No such dreams, which could be called «childish» or naive-teen. Every change in your life can somehow bring their dreams so that they do not interfere with each other. And it’s totally real, dude!

After retirement surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who even are you, you realize that did not do the most important thing in life didn’t follow a dream. Of course, others you will say that your wife-the old lady was done, when I convinced you not to show off, to be like others instead of to dream about the unknown stuff about the stars in the sky. You try to show yourself realistically-minded adequate man who «understand life.» But deep down you will break the contradictions and bitter resentment that you have not even tried and so easy off course. In the end, we are much more korim myself for what we did, not for what he did.

6. You play without risk

Pain bothersome and unpleasant part of being human. It is vitally important because it a light pink we can understand what is good and what is bad. Pain, as if pretentious as it may sound, a great teacher. Pain no need to run, because it strengthens the mind and heart. You can’t grow strong, brave, or successful in this world, if you happen to only good things. Will be a weak representative of «Golden youth» eternally infantile moral monster who spends money of parents. Or that dude from the movie who lived in a bubble. You need real life experience, and nothing ever becomes real until you feel it on their skin.

No matter how long you teach yourself to be strong, brave or own yourself, you can never be the real. So in order to conquer challenges and realize even your wildest dreams into reality, you need life experience. The more the better. Although this does not mean that you need to constantly stepping on rakes. One day (and it is better when one comes the other) is enough.

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