6 reasons why she may think you’re gay

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As well some time ago when, in order to give you, was enough to be simple and straightforward guy. But now things are changing, even in our Russian land drop feminism and changing gender roles. You can count the gay and identify as a friend. You will think that this is the friend zone, but girls just love gay friends and secretly dream of having one. How not to break off how to make a girl accidentally thought you were one of those? Here’s our advice.

1. You’re too homophobic

Apparently, it should be obvious. You constantly stroll for gays, teasing them and often joke on the homophobic topic. Many people stubbornly believe that anyone that hurts, he is talking about. Some girls think gays and bi are thus trying to divert suspicion from himself in this, and some believe that deep down this guy and he…

2. You’re too much different from the other and take care of themselves

I have a good friend Alex, and despite the fact that he is a ladies man and a big fan of female love, a lot of people around him (even his younger sister) believe that Alex is still gay. There are two reasons. First: Alex pays too much attention to their appearance, second: Alex is too different from the average man by their behavior, looks, appearance, and in his ear earring in the shape of a Crescent. Under «paying too much attention to» I understand to pay attention to their appearance as pays not every girl. Alex has a decent battery of hair care products in the bathroom and the same for the skin, every few months he goes to the beautician and manicure. Reassurances of the people around that he’s not gay, no girls around him can’t convince anyone except close friends that his orientation is all right. It’s simple: Alex is too different from other people. No wonder the American word «queer» (another), has the same meaning as… the representative of the homosexual.

3. You are super-straight

You’re always in a conversation with her, tell you how to put a particular girl who looked like a Heisman trophy and as notably pumped in the gym in the morning. Well, what are you hoping for? As the girl react to this whole stream of nonsense that you have fun on it poured? That’s it, she’ll think you’re one of those… assets. Or that your testimony frankly (forgive the pun) strange! Something stinks here, trying to mask? Chill out, start to talk like a normal bro and not like a goat.

4. You strongly attempt to show the lack of interest

Once a men’s website conducted an interesting poll among women. And this option gained even more votes than the second paragraph with boy metrosexuals. Lack of interest can be expressed too high self-esteem, and can be caused by some passive, and such that the woman next to you begins to feel extremely unattractive or even nothing. On the one hand, women, like cats, want you to respect their limits, but this does not mean that they do not need to show some interest. Know when to stop! When there is a strong bias in one direction, especially when you’re not hurt after you know what you are doing, you might consider an asshole on one side and gay on the other. Smile at least the girl who’s making eyes at you! No shame!

5. You gossip

Lying is bad, even girls know this is bad. Of course, tell a couple of stories about your friends is not splendana in the literal sense, but when you enthusiastically grind them all bones, it is worth pondering. Most girls do not like men gossip, first, because the passion for gossip, so to speak, traditionally a female trait, and secondly, to grind a bone to all friends around you — this is some bullshit… it is unworthy of a normal bro. Not?

6. You’re acting like a gay

Of course, there is no logical reason to discourage you to wear a bright pink shirt and sit legs crossed Aki Sharon stone in «basic instinct», but stereotypes are something established. When an ordinary boy suddenly starts to behave as a gay man, it’s scary, Yes! While our environment is not accustomed to all kinds of homosexual stuff, but maybe after a while you will be able to watch the show «Glee» and do a cucumber mask.

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