6 psychological tips that sure ain’t working

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Now everyone is a psychologist. Thanks for that I must say every goverening books «How to subjugate the world in 5 minutes without leaving the car» and I mean detailed. Thank you, you have increased the number of gosnomerov per square meter!

Our today’s post just about tips that the damn thing does not work in real life, but they still recommend they go anyway, and normal psychologists over them laughing.

1. Let go of the anger

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How many times do we hear these tips! «Throw your emotions! Break the mug! Or one day you’ll break somebody’s head! So scream, beat a pillow, cry, finally, it will help». So why is it all complete shit? Studies conducted by many reputable scientists show that the outpouring of anger in the space not only makes us less angry, but just the opposite. Have you ever seen a Buddhist monk who beat up or yelled at their brothers? That’s it! Although how many times have you all seen the Buddhist monks…

Outbursts of anger lead us into a state of dependence, each of them makes us want to fight again and again, instead of having to cool down. And all because of the huge emotional and hormonal surge. In short, dude, go to the gym, take it easy and «cool».

2. Believe that you will succeed

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It’s even more crap that fills your life with arrogant assholes who repeat like a mantra: «I can!» The film shows how thick idiots and losers become popular because they «believe in yourself». And yet they give the first beauty. In fact, this is one of those cases where confusing cause and effect. Some losers seem to have decided that all sorts of alpha males, nerds, jocks and handsome such because self-confident. In fact, they are confident, because they are alpha males, nerds, jocks and handsome. And overconfident omega males, morons, and freaks drisha there is a wonderful word that describes them. And that word is «moron». Children with a very high CDA feel very important, and when their exclusivity (intelligence, looks) questioned, they become very aggressive, because they themselves deep down know the true state of Affairs. And when the environment will convince them that they are, to put it mildly, believe in yourself absolutely nothing, the disappointment will be great.

3. People are like a flock of sheep

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Strange advice, as if psychological. Some people really don’t like all sorts of followers of fashion, subcultures and fans of various psychological cults for what they supposedly herd. In fact, we have here a rather strange phenomenon. The fact that almost all people are dependent on society. If the person has no connection with the society, then it is a kind of deviation looks and that is so not cool. Remember all sorts of «rain People», Sheldon Cooper and many, many other kids don’t feel connected with society (although this is debatable). Of course, Scientologists, Jehovah’s witnesses and desperate followers something there is an extreme degree of dependence and the desire to have a leader. Just remember that, independent man! Except Nietzsche, perhaps.

4. Corporations brainwash us with special words

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«Eat popcorn, drink coke». Once a journalist threw a newspaper duck that using such words allowed in a special way in theaters, people are so desperate to buy the above products. And all at once got the idea of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), they say, that the very words that will make women we give. In fact, the products are sold with the help of psychology, but all much more delicately. If this method actually and consistently worked for all people, the one who invented it, would have long ago ruled the world. So sleep well, dear friend!

5. If a person is lying, you can check on the lie detector

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The polygraph more than 80 years. Sometimes he even helped to determine lying or not. So why we don’t need to believe the harsh car? The fact is that, like any mechanism, the machine has no idea you’re lying or not, she just reacts surges in your state. In 2003, research has questioned the activities of Poligraf, comparing the evidence of his accuracy with a coin toss. However, with the coin is better: you know that the coin may be inaccurate. A polygraph gives a sense of inner confidence. I think you know about the Soviet spy Aldrich Ames, who deceived detector… twice.

6. If the person is homophobic, that he is secretly gay

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Of course, this statement does not apply to some known in wider circles deputies. Often it happens that well-known congressmen who actively advocate for conservative ideals of family, marriage, the place of women and of heterosexuality, in fact, be… gay. It’s also the fact that in 1996 there had been an interesting experiment, selected 65 of homophobic students. These guys gave to watch a lot of porn (it is clear what the content). And some had seen… ahem… well, you understand. Unscientific experiment, among other things, on the face!

The fact that homophobia is an unscientific concept, no one is afraid of gays as water, closed spaces or spiders. Every attempt to hang on to person such a label, and anyone, regardless of the degree of intolerance towards gays, but still condemn homosexuality — it is not that other, as a typical manifestation of the same «home psychology». In fact, a large part of the globe gay or straight is not flattering, and all because of culture, religion and traditions.

So, guys, or normal read psychological books, or don’t read.

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