6 picture of a true gentleman

manygoodtips.com_16.07.2014_oFwfEXjW8D89tToday many say that gentlemen are extinct in this mortal earth, and we say that they are simply altered. Opening the door for your girl, you don’t become a gentleman. Everything has to be complex, it is a completely different lifestyle. In addition to communication skills, a gentleman must have some manners.

The question is, do you need to? Although a bit of chivalry and politeness do not hurt each of us.

There are certain traits that are inherent to any gentleman. Here are the main ones:


He will always help even a stranger. And not with the purpose to meet you, he just wants to ease her life. You should bring the packets of a neighbor in her apartment or help her to Park in the yard. To remove the kitten from the tree and give it to the children to the wolves. However, it is not known which of these is more humane. It is a matter of your life principles.


To wear an expensive suit and make unique your hair is not enough for the image of a gentleman. Look like a gentleman and be it in fact different things. A polite man would not allow himself to take the call at that time, as his companion, it tells a story. Wait for the end of the story and then give me a call or interruption of the interlocutor and apologizing dial someone you’ve called before.


Such a person will never cheat on a girl. He will always find time for his lady and will not twist intrigue on the side. Not all my life you’re a bachelor, it’s time to deal with it. These games sooner or later you oprative. Betrayal and intrigue is the misbehavior of men.


A lot of people trying to hide from reality, but not a gentleman. He will always see the truth and will not try something to disguise and embellish, for your own peace. If something is faulty, you need to repair it, and not go to the faulty machine in the road along the serpentine, hoping that this time, just blow over. Look at the world soberly and not through rosy glasses.


Noble is not when you have Royal blood, and when you’re loyal, kind, sympathetic. This feature is a must-have for every gentleman. This does not mean that you must give his entire salary to charity and Sam to fend crackers with water. Just help the family, if you have the opportunity. Or not quite close. You must have an open and kind heart. Not to be confused with sentimentality.


If something is promised, be kind to perform. Your words should not be lost in the wind. You must always be responsible for what you say. No one should be unable to convict you of slander, lies or cheating. Leave the gossip and empty debate for the grandmothers who sit in front of the entrance.

All should be in moderation, you should not become a doormat, in order to please everyone. Help people possible. No need to sacrifice their time and convenience. With the exception only of those cases when it is necessary.

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