6 ornaments are exactly like the girl

Soviet writer Yevgeny Schwartz believed: «the Best ornament of the girl is modesty and a transparent dress». Undoubtedly, these criteria are important, first of all, but the trait is not present in a beautiful wrapping, and transparent clothing not everyone will be happy. People have long adorned themselves with a wide variety of objects, not even knowing how to handle them — tens of thousands of years ago our ancestors wore feathers, shells and other gifts of nature, to protect yourself from demons and gods.


But the difference, subject to the status of decoration began in Ancient Egypt: the pharaohs and members of their families wore gold bracelets, earrings and rings, while others were content with versions of bone. In the pursuit of radically different powers from poor medieval monarchs forbade anyone except close to the Royal court to wear any jewelry, making laws and governing style. Fortunately, the era of the Renaissance that elevates man, stop this mess — now any sailor could boast of Golden earring, and peasant women on special occasions wore a beautiful heirloom necklace.

Now we are seeing a very interesting development of this trend is that the simpler (and poorer) thing, the better and more interesting it looks. Wooden clocks, knitted sweaters, images of hipsters — the tastes of the middle class combines the advantages of the other two. However, the tastes of the girls, and any category that has not changed since the Great pyramids. They’re as greedy for jewels from precious metals, and even the most unpretentious and assure your boyfriend that no, she doesn’t need the necklace, nymphet secretly dreams of a luxurious gift that she can brag to her friends.

That’s why we decided to help you with the choice that you have not sinned, giving his missus on New year’s day ticket to Disneyland or spirochetal. We understand that these decorations will cost you a tidy sum, so that you do not ruin your wallet to the bottom, it is best to buy from the range online store Mr Diamond. These guys spetsializiruyutsya on the jewelry world-class at a price 3-4 times lower than in specialized shops.The point is that delivery does not come directly from the manufacturer and from the previous owners. Experts lead item in its original condition, accessories authentic branded boxes and even documents, if possible. You should not worry about the fact that this thing someone already wore. This is one of the ineradicable effects of globalization — with a probability of 90% of your t-shirts or running shoes already someone used, so why is the Golden thing should require different standards? The girl will not ask where you acquired such a beauty, so abhor these aristocratic manners and think about what will suit as a surprise under the tree for your friend.

1. Ring

The symbolism of this gift is quite transparent, so when choosing a ring, you should think twice: «is it worth it?». In the legends of king Solomon is mentioned he had a ring with the inscription «this too shall pass…» is a wonderful idea, containing in itself the essence of impermanence. Of course, the first such souvenir given with the goal of starting a family, but depending on the relationship of age and your budget you have to spend at least an hour in reflection on what wrap to wear on the ring finger of the bride.

In the movies we are taught that romantic to give a girl a ring or steep rock, or a souvenir from a nearby machine. But life’s reality is that for starters do not be amiss to humble;: ring no frills, sleek and straightforward, as in «the Lord of the rings» ideal young lady if you are Dating less than a year. Another option, more wise, diamond is more suitable for older lady — stone distracts the eye from the hand and represents a personification of the inner feminine nature. To give it will be five years after registration in the registry office as a symbol of strengthening relations.

2. Earrings

The same strategy. Young girls look ridiculous with a huge «pendants» in the ears, although it probably is not in the size and massiveness. You know, in this category, it is sufficient to follow the philosophy of minimalism: the older the beauty, the greater should be its decoration. There is no single criterion, just follow the voice of the mind: earrings, here just choose something that will not infringe on the pride’s second girl. However, there is one rule that applies to the human anatomy: if it is round, it is best to give the earrings an elongated shape, and an elongated profile, on the contrary, fit something round.

3. Bracelet

Armenian proverb: «the hand itself — a gold bracelet». Of course, we don’t suggest to translate it to the girl, lest a contemptuous glance towards the person. So let’s get to business: there are two types of bracelets — monolithic and chain. The first in the New year is better not to give, because it is more suitable for the summer season. But the chain in the form of an unusual pattern will be very useful. On such indicator, as «pretentiousness» can no longer speak, because most of the bracelets are quite versatile. The main thing that he was not very heavy or voluminous.

4. Pendant/necklace

Here everything is very difficult, because this gift is very individual. Plays a significant role is the color: classic yellow (if you can’t decide), white or pink for young girls, black for business lady or just targeted girls. Previously, such decoration is not meant closeness to the upper class, and protection from evil spirits. In the Renaissance pendants have become more practical things — they hung the bottles of aromatic essences and even poison pellets. In fact, the symbol of give, depends on you: a lot of them, so this is a great chance to show how much you love Her.

5. Wrist watch

The only option when you know exactly what to give as a gift implies the presence of a friend of a considerable proportion of practicality and aspirations to achieve any goal. The most important thing — not to be mistaken with material, the break of the metal and type of finish (nothing complicated). And of course, the brand! I advise you to read about famous brands in order to better understand the value of those or other hours. The most concise and budget option is steel, which contains both a character, and beauty. Gold well fit Mature woman, or rather, if it is strictly necessary to give only gold, and of the highest standard.

6. Kit

Highly recommend to consider this option. There is a comment on how the fairer sex is to find jewelry in one style. And of course, a great chance hard to make a mistake by giving a ring or a bracelet is pretty good but no match to her wardrobe and other delights. Standard kit includes earring, pendant/necklace, chain, pendant and bracelet — all in one design so that the probability of error is somewhere at zero. And there are some that are cheaper than a single jewelry, but look very expensive and elegant. A variety of such «collections» gives you the opportunity to find something suitable, so giving something like that, you can relax for a lifetime and only from time to time to buy her little things like a gift card to the boutique.

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