6 of the strangest transactions for sex

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That’s how much your ass, man? You never thought that? Because you have no desire to do it in simple way. Sell your ass and other body parts is quite simple. That’s why prostitution is for most girls who do this, this is not the way to make a very desperate situation, and fast money on the simplest works. They do this not out of necessity, but because they want. Sex is just. I think that you yourself are not against sleeping with a woman for good money? That’s the same! But today we will discuss 6 of the most bizarre deals for sex.

1. Sex for food

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Desperate dude willing to do anything. But this bro, the situation is much more difficult. Although we can not say that what this guy slept with a girl, it is… efforts. One girl bought some food. To her immediately jumped bro in the name of Donald Jones, who immediately, without any tenderness offered the girl a sex… chicken Mcnuggets. I hope that at least with the sauce. The amazing thing is that the girl has agreed to it. When she was pulling up his pants in a Park, and Donald picked up his pack of nuggets, they were found by the police. What a shame! By the way, Donald is frankly terrible.

2. Sex for office supplies

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Here at my office has a personal Desk, yellow post-it notes, a bunch of pens and a personal lamp that I included a couple of times. I also have a pattern of bumps in the cut and artificial flower from IKEA. But for all this, I probably would have done the same thing that made the girl lawyer by the name of Rome badge from Illinois. In 2012, she was convicted of prostitution by the state court. How do you think she gave your sex? To protect his ward? For money? Slept with the Prosecutor under the Amnesty? Nah, the girl slept with the seller of stationery for the office. In the court of Rome said that sex for money goes against her moral ethics, whereas sex for paper, pencils and other nishtyaki no. The girl slept for DVDs in the total amount of 70 bucks and other stationery for the same amount. Specifically, a few gel pens and paper for the printer. Hmm… And buy nothing?

3. For evaluation

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Well, it’s kind of a common practice. Recently in Bahrain, was put on 6 months the guy who slept with a student for rating, so this is no surprise. But in 1977, in America for some reason had a lot of sex for scores of people who studied at the… Barber. We can say that of the 20 students of some courses that make people have the wonderful ability to turn hair into something meaningful, 16 decided to pay for sex. And I’m still surprised when instead of what I ask, I hard cut under the box. Here it is, the good old spirit of barter.

4. For tickets to the world Cup of baseball

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In 2009, Susan Finkelstein terribly wanted to see the baseball team. Fan, here. On the one hand, many people are not against prostitution, but when someone sleeps for tickets or hawk, of course, all opposed. To buy tickets was very difficult final! So the girl went to extreme measures. She posted on Facebook page ads that sleep with anyone who gives her the tickets to the game. And she did it! And then she sued for prostitution. Although in 2011 was acquitted.

5. Cigarette

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If you are against prostitution, you probably believe that people should be moral principles. Not necessarily religious, not necessarily tradition, but your own. But these girls of such principles. John Kaiser, 59-year-old Deputy Sheriff, was convicted on charges of forced prostitution. His job was to transport inmates in a women’s prison. He forced women to have sex for cigarettes. More specifically, 2 cigarettes in one oral sex. It’s amazing how some people depend on their destructive habits. Of course, John abused his power, but girls are good too.

6. Murder

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Sex for burgers, baseball tickets, cigarettes, all this is complete garbage compared to the sixth issue of our list. As we know from the immortal works of Bulgakov, sometimes wives tired of their husbands. Some Charlotte Colling in 2011 went to the bar, found two dudes and told them to kill her husband in exchange for… sex. Then they went to her house, where he drank, snorted cocaine and engaged in great sex. Clifford Collinge two dudes has killed. To death. The performers received for 18 years, and the woman poor man 23. These are the stories about sex.

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