6 of the popular American show, from which it is impossible to put down

Our television, a lot of things adopted from the us. Unfortunately, it is «a lot» atrophied under the weight of Russian TV reality, where every story becomes a loud-mouthed parody of himself. Watch our transmission is almost impossible that a well — spend less time watching TV. On the other hand, sometimes you just want to relax their brains, and in this case, it can help the Americans with their style of making a show out of nothing. Think about it — they created a dynamic show about the bloody pawnshop! Can there be a more boring place than a pawnshop? Perhaps the Studio make-up artist, but they make her out to show.

Help: all shows can be find in free access if you go under a pirate flag.

1. Stars pawn shop (Pawn Stars)

Let’s start with the most «boring» of the transmission. «Pawn stars» is a show that dragged on for 15 seasons, where they talk about the usual daily work of the usual (sorry for the tautology) family of Lombard. Lombard, incidentally, is real. It is in fact gambling and vicious city in the world — Las Vegas. Good location for this business, that once you understand when you look what kind of visitors come to the Harrison family (the owners of this establishment). The business is extremely masculine and focused on art, collectibles, expensive things and things that have historical value. For example, right now on the site of the pawnshop displays the work of Albrecht dürer and Marc Chagall.

But it’s interesting not because they buy and sell expensive stuff, and the usual relationships, conflicts with family or communicate with other customers. They also conduct a thorough analysis of the subject, which fell into their hands. We make allowances for that show on the History channel, and get a popular product where you can still learn something new.

2. Without face (Face Off)

We always thought that among Hollywood makeup a large part of the lucrative jobs were held by women, but if you watch the show «Without a face», you’ll see that men are there is enough. This is not surprising — the case of makeup, it turned out not only to correctly apply mascara and highlight your face shape. The case of makeup is to create a hideous monster with insanely attractive models.

The participants of the show try to survive until the finals to get some money (by the standards of the American show) and the car. For this the participants are ready to realize your most crazy ideas to please picky judges, among which often meet such people as Sean S. Cunningham (Director of the film about Jason). «Without a face» is a show that you can easily watch with a friend, it will also be interesting. But for those who are interested in cinema and wants to understand the inner kitchen of filmmaking, the show must to view.

3. Ice road truckers (Ice Road Truckers)


About truckers on American television has several series. Some are boring, like the last seasons of «Supernatural», but some quite good. For example, «Ice road truckers» brought to the absolute love of Americans to this simple profession of the driver of the big truck monsters. Vein States is a motorway, endless roads, so the truckers have become folk heroes, acquire an aura of mystical creatures and the intricacies of folk tales.

In «ice road truckers» it is a network of roads passing over the frozen tundra, lakes and rivers. On these roads the trucks carry the necessary goods oilmen, who work in the North of Alaska, in Prudhoe Bay. Danger, drive, endless traffic problems and time that works in favor of drivers — that’s the reason to watch this show interesting.

4. Deadliest catch (s deadliest Catch)

The Bering sea is a relatively small layer of water that separates Russia from the United States of America. The sea is used as I want to, because there’s always a lot of fish and more crabs (king and snow crab). Fishermen — people are harsh, too masculine and not at all like the office hamsters. To go fishing for king crab in the Bay between Unalaska (Aleutian Islands), it is necessary to have steel eggs.

If you are a beginner in the fishing business, do not go there — the percentage that you get back home, high. But if you are a professional, you can try your luck because a rich haul gives the crew good money. Actually, it was the money and are the criteria that guided fishermen. For us it is more romantic. For them — heavy, but justified work.

Deadliest catch is a reality show about men who are doing their difficult job and get a hundy for doing it on camera. In General, it is clear that much remains behind the scenes, and there is an element of setting, but it does not interfere with the viewing.

5. Alaska: a family of forest (Alaskan Bush People)

When hanging out in the office from 8 am to 8 PM, then you start to think that the only salvation of your captive soul is on the other side of the ocean in Alaska. Or at least somewhere in Siberia, where no foot of man. But to live in the wild is not as easy as it seems. The first days you will feel the freedom, followed by a painful break-up, due to lack of Internet and familiar food. Americans may be stupid, but they came up with a show that allows you to feel the hardships of life of the ancestors through the screen, so in the morning you can safely go to work.

«Alaska: family out of the woods» is a person’s choice who decided to stay in the city. There you will see the story of the family of Browns. They live so far away that other people see every six months (not counting the crew). The family itself calls itself the «wolf pack», except where the father of the family Billy is his wife Amy and seven children. In General, in this show you will see how crazy the father deprives his children of computer games, and the wife of shopping centers, to prepare for the cold weather — winter is coming, as the beer in your refrigerator.

6. Bootleggers (Moonshiners)


Once we wrote about prohibition in the United States, but until recently, and could not think that the States are still thriving illegal moonshine. But it exists and is kept hearty, because the underground product will always be in Vogue, if legal money from the population there.

Production of alcohol distilleries in a self-made Americans engaged for a long time, but business had to imprison to the modern realities. Today, there are the gangsters, who served as a «roof» for just this case. We have to kids-moonshiners themselves to cope with the dangers that await them at every step in the face of the government, the competitors and themselves.

To monitor the process of the formation of the criminal Empire is a pleasure, even if not to take all filmed on faith. Besides, if you watch this series, you will gain practical skills that will help you to survive and make money in the hardest times. The whole story takes place in the Appalachian mountains — it was there that butt together newcomers and veterans, to capture the whole shadow market of alcohol.

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