6 necessities for a good camping

Very soon you realize that summer is over, and you never went to sea (lake/in the mountains/in the forest) or even in a suburban forest. I can promise myself next summer to spend not so sad, and unable to drop everything and next weekend to go camping. Even two days of neighbours/colleagues and other annoying people is going to be a cure forthcoming autumn boredom (if you’re inclined). Again, what is to diversify your Instagram. And don’t forget to take a few needed items for easy camping, «Breakfast on the grass» sounds nice, but it is very uncomfortable, and the mosquitoes can spoil the whole romance of the evening.

1 Tent

For what period we go to nature, to the lake for the weekend or just to a barbecue on Saturday — we cannot do without a tent. It is indispensable in any situation. In the summer it saves us from the scorching sun and pesky mosquitoes. In winter, it will warm and protect from wind and rain. Even if you go camping without the sleeping — tent should still be in your Arsenal.

There are plenty of situations when you may need it. Camping to explain something does not make sense. No tent here just will not do. Not on the ground to sleep. Another thing, if camping is a one-day event. Sun protection, a repository for things while swimming the entire company, NAPs for kids and so on. By the way, to choose a tent need to be able to. Of course, you can go to the nearest sports store and buy the cheapest, but in the end have to buy a lot of them, as cheap does not mean forever.

2 Chair and chairs


What to eat? What to sit? To paint there is nothing. Do not forget to stock up on a folding helpers in these matters. Veil and raw earth, of course, closer to nature, but comfort has not been canceled. Sit in a comfortable chair, admiring the scenery and placing all products on the comfortable table is a real vacation. One that will be envied by all. We love that we were envied.3 mosquito repellent


One of the most irritating factors on the nature were and are, of course, pesky mosquitoes. With nightfall, they seemed to wall to attack anything that moves. Ordinary smoke from a fire will not help to get rid of the «suicide squad». Definitely on the outdoors to bring a variety of tools and accessories from mosquitoes. It can be sprays, creams, or even smoldering spiral, which at the request of producers are able to deter mosquitoes. The main thing is not to be limited to just one thing. Better stock up on all that I can find at home or buy in the nearest supermarket.

4 Burner


To prepare tea or coffee while camping or camping can be quite difficult. If you’re located in a special area for this where there is electricity and water, it’s very simple. But what if you are a lover of wild places and I can’t imagine a real vacation without absolute privacy. To heat water using a gas burner, for example. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space, and the benefits from it are really huge. Boil eggs, cook soup and so on. This, of course, can and kindle a fire, but we’re talking about lightweight camping and here a regular gas burner can be very useful. She quickly assembled and disassembled. Has a lightweight design and technology inclusion. It will work from a gas cylinder. Usually a power of 1.2 KW is enough to replace any burner fire and even home plate.

5 Grill


What a vacation without a couple pounds of grilled kebabs, marinated in wine with a smell of smoke. From this not refuse only vegetarian. You know. Every trip usually starts with a discussion of how much you need meat. No one asks meat all only care about the amount. Of course, without a good grill can not do. It is important to choose the grill that would hold all the meat at once, or at least to not have to do 5-6 good, otherwise the one who is Barbecuing, just fall out of the entire campaign. What if it’s you? Bad happens. Need a bigger grill. Then we can deal with the cooking for once.6 Guitar


Modern technologies allow to use portable speakers as in water do not sink and the fire is not burning. But if you don’t think a day without music and songs and you like the spirit of summer camp, with campfire and songs with a guitar. This atmosphere is no substitute. Especially if your company is a person who plays the guitar and is able to pick the music to virtually any song, it’s all gorgeous. But if that someone is you, then prepare to be the center of attention. Girls like horror like guys with guitars, though modern painted dolls and trying artfully to hide.

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