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manygoodtips.com_26.10.2014_isHQWzt0Xta6kLife has never been kind to lovers of hard drugs. Medical heroin to treat children’s wounds is still at the stage of lobbying in the United States. It’s the dawn of a new era. «New», however, does not mean «free from lies». Today we go in all serious and talk about drugs.

1. Addict are easy to discover

manygoodtips.com_26.10.2014_C9b4roHh4EGvqIn the twenty-first century, perhaps no longer refers to anti-drug propaganda as serious as it was before. And anyway, there are those who take seriously what I was saying about the dangers of drugs on thematic lessons in the school? We, as educated people, know that every person who likes from time to time to blow marivanna or eat for dinner serving magic mushrooms, may still be a productive member of society. However, our tolerance for prohibited foolishness comes to an end when comes to the heavy artillery.

For example, meth. It’s like crack for the poor, thanks to the TV series «breaking bad» we now have a clear idea about the average users of this product whose face, skin, and teeth corroded this powerful stuff. The dregs of society, exhausted in spirit, and constant brittle, making money selling drugs, begging, stealing and sometimes murder. These addicts do exist, and fans could easily find out if to meet them on the street.

After some research, scientists concluded that eating goal is often perceived as the need for productive labor and, as a result, move up the career ladder. Due to the long hours of tedious work in the fields of oil, agriculture, construction, health care and fast food people become more tolerant of the use of methamphetamine. Some women say that the drug they have additional energy which enables them to work multiple jobs and still be good mothers.

Meth is used as a potent stimulant and a source of additional energy for the 60-hour working week, helps not only to make ends meet, but also take care of three brats who need to be fed and which should be given attention. Of course, this approach is not an option in the long term, but people who use drugs, don’t really care, as they live for today.

By the way, for street drug users the infamous «blue» meth Walt was no different from usual. Any sane dealer would razbogatel this shit to earn more money. There’s only one group of meth heads, for which 99% purity is of great importance, namely, the really rich dudes who demand the highest standard of quality to everything that surrounds them, and, you know, these people you will not meet in the subway, on the street or in line for bread. They have their own personal lawyers, luxury cars and other luxury stuff that makes them invisible to most of nakarado police.

Therefore, it seems that the stereotype of the unemployed the fiend is not quite accurate. On the contrary, three quarters of drug addicts, according to statistics, have a stable income, good work and family relationships. Speaking of the unemployed, once we refute myths: parasites that live in the States, get a great unemployment benefits, equal to two times your wages, and the remnants of the smoke marijuana on a dime «uncle Sam». Statistics estimate that more than half of the people living on benefits that regularly use drugs.

2. Dependence – invincible monster

manygoodtips.com_26.10.2014_Ak6Vfl9ai1OY9That the drugs cause extreme addiction, everyone knows. After all, just before you RUB it in the gums remains binyanei tracks like BOOM! – you enslaved forever the evil bitch Dependency. However, everything works a bit wrong. These chemical compounds are not magicians and wizards 999Lvl and can’t just corny to manage people. The best or rather, worst case 23% of heroin addicts unable to get off the needle, whereas in 80-90% of people who tried meth or crack, and did not observed any dependence. The idea that it exists, based on a study in which locked up alone rats preferred heroin of food.

These results are presented to the public in a spicy sauce that dependent people sometimes behave the same way. Although, perhaps, rats, kept in cages just so miserable that they prefer to lose yourself in drugs than to drag out such a miserable life. Well, another scientist took already hooked on drugs rats and put them in a cage with other rats and toys, all sorts of squirrel wheels, simulators, where they had enough space to run and to diversify their leisure. Surprisingly, the subjects immediately reduced drug use, and soon all returned to a healthy rat. Of course, some of them from time to time turned to drugs, but hell, who doesn’t?

3. Drugs cause crime

manygoodtips.com_27.10.2014_w2RP8UCgwPtlSAnd this is one of the main reasons why the drug war was declared. Remember «Judge Dredd» and «Robocop» as the best illustration of this item. And this makes sense: even if we talk about those kinds of dope that does not provoke the violence and brutality, such as heroin, marijuana or cough syrup, the people who hooked on this stuff, breaking a huge number of vaults of the penal code, just to get a dose. About such things the public constantly tells the police. However, statistics and scientists say the opposite: extremely small percentage of drug users commit crimes, not drug-related. Often only further arrests are already connected with them, as dependent purposefully trying to «catch a buzz».

In the human head button is missing from the armed robbery, which contains a sufficient dose of hydrocodone. But in the end, if you shoot a man through drugs, with the same ease will be able to kill him, based on a million other reasons and excuses. A survey in prisons found that 60% of drug addicts among prisoners began taking drugs soon after his first arrest. And in General, there is a clear correlation between prison and drug addiction. Someone needs to pay more attention.

4. The grass – «natural» means «safe» product

manygoodtips.com_26.10.2014_itDwNF7ktuc9F«Hey, man, you know, of course, LSD is bad for you? That’s why I prefer to use hash. It kicks that gives us mother nature. A bad mother wouldn’t give…»

It’s a double edged sword and quite the insidious myth. The fact that drag farmers grow their product, to good to make that clear, but the beetles are eating all their crops, be a real problem that threatens the whole event. Therefore, there is a need to spray the grass with pesticides. The farmers who grow their products for mass consumption, is subjected to constant checks, which ensure that you eat vegetables and fruits, free from any poison.

In some States marijuana is still banned (about us anyway no sense to say no), and therefore, as of grass, none of the Management is not watching. These are the activities of drug dealers, and they, as you know, not particularly concerned about the state of your health.

It turns out that up to 70% of the pesticides that had settled on the buds, hits the grass, thus increasing the risk of emphysema. Marijuana really never was the main cause of death, however, in the period between 1997 and 2005 she was listed in the list Control on control of products and drugs as concomitant cause of 279 deaths.

5. Flash Becky is bullshit

manygoodtips.com_26.10.2014_FlZcyvTC20CzPProlonged and heavy use of hallucinogenic drugs each can cause «flashbacks». Not from the «I have wings and I can fly,» simply moving objects such as cars or tennis ball leave a visible trace, like a painter paints with a brush painting. These parishes are similar to a shitty nightmare, and if you can’t see at night, there is a sense to refuse from acidic revelry to avoid tripping hard. The main fun begins when people start to panic: symptoms of intake of hallucinogens are harmless, but the concern about brain injuries that they allegedly caused, can really badly affect mental health and bring it right up to the moment to relax and forget the drugs do not help. Then what’s the point?

6. It all starts with marijuana

Poradi.s. ua_26.10.2014_RN2MLPLsFcYbXA huge number of studies have started with the fact that the scientists took some well-known thesis and started to prove the opposite. In this case we are talking about the fact that marijuana provokes dependence and leads to a transition to harder drugs. A similar statement can be safely put into the category of nonsense, as evidenced by the results of actual scientific studies that show that 20% decrease in heroin use coincides with a 10-20% surge in marijuana use. So, if you want to make the population less likely to have experienced drugs, it makes sense to legalize marijuana.

For example, Portugal decriminalized drugs 10 years ago, and although many adults continue to use them to this day, the number of adolescents decreased markedly, plus during this period, fewer people died of overdose. For example, you and your friend hit something forbidden in the car, and he caught the sour parish: most likely, you will score quick and will leave him to die, as its skin is closer to the body. Therefore, removing criminal penalties for drug use have improved and extended the lives of the poor, children, and just stupid.

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