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manygoodtips.com_19.02.2015_nP2zVURartpGOMusic is life. Music is movement. Music is expression. It is an integral part of us, allowing for easier, on the contrary, sharper to endure everything that happens to us. In the era of modern technology various devices to help us enjoy where we were. A main device that has replaced the old player, your smartphone. Today we will introduce you with the music programs, with which you will be able to stay on your favorite wave.

1. Beat


We will begin our selection with a convenient and simple player «Beat». Now many save you precious gigabytes and store your music collection in a cloud. So, the main feature of this player is to play songs from cloud storage such as dropbox or google drive. Wherever you go, your favorite tracks are always with you. The rest is the usual convenient player with equalizer and a very useful playback controls, turns into a small button on top of other open Windows. The app is only available for android users.

2. Shuttle music player


Another handy player for lovers of minimalism – «Shuttle». If you don’t have time to sort out the bunch of various functions and settings of the advanced players, something he’ll will like. Despite the fact that «Shuttle» is so simple, it still contains additional useful features such as EQ, change themes, sleep timer and the function of continuous playback.

3. Shazam


We’ve all been there: sitting at some bar or cafe, and begins to play the song. And this song makes me shiver. However, the name and mysterious artist remains a mystery to you. What to do in this case? Two options: to call the waiter or the administrator and to stick with questions about the content of their playlist, or open the app Shazam and a couple of seconds to thwart the mysterious veil. The principle of operation is simple: after pressing the only button in the center of the screen Shazam will give you all the information about the song and can even offer a link to a video.

4. SoundHound


SoundHound – Shazam analogue, but with one huge advantage. If Shazam will only recognize the original songs in SoundHound you can just sing a part of the song, and he just redirects you to the original, but also shows the lyrics. Here is a unique karaoke.

5. Feully


For many of us the primary store of musical compositions has become a social network Vkontakte, mainly because there you can find almost any music, despite the fact absolutely free. Feully is directed only to the music with VK and has two modes: online and offline. If the online mode is clear, the offline mode allows you to listen to songs added to the playlist earlier. Gorgeous design, intuitive interface and the ability to download songs will not leave you indifferent. Feully has only two drawbacks: it only exists on the iOs platform and is paid. However, all the fun will cost only $3.

6. Caustic


saustic is one of the best of its kind software to create music directly on the smartphone. Yours – DJ controller, drum machine, sampler, midi keyboard, mixer, sequencer and many other tools and features. One of the most important functions – support for midi controllers with the usb connection and the ability to save the tracks in WAV format without loss of quality.

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