6 most Trishovich art movies


Before viewing get the screens on pregnant animals, women with unstable mentality, children, and seniors.

This article does not carry violence. We just wanted to tell you about those unfortunate films that got stuck somewhere between the Arthouse and trash, that is absorbed deep, a little-understood philosophy, as well as the blood, violence and other pleasures of life. Your job is to watch or not to watch. Do not rush to accuse the author of perversity. If he reports it, it does not mean that he loves them. However, remember there are movies even worse.

1. «Green elephant», 1999


«Bratishka I want to eat!» – this is probably the most famous phrase from the story of the two officers who were on the brig.

First one of them tries to start a conversation with others, but in a very strange manner, bringing the conversation to a discussion about how… well, this is not to write.

In the second part on the «go» mocks the captain, «Colonel» talks about the unsuitability of the armed forces, «Brother», not withstanding of injustice, killing the captain, a Jolly song about an elephant cleaning toilets with a fork, violence, gutted, end.

Dude, Yes what to tell you, you yourself know everything. This film was long gone, citations, largely due to their absurdity and unique style of pronunciation of the actors.

It should not be taken seriously. This film or love and openly laugh at him, or off in the beginning. A normal person, after watching, I will shame him for his low artistic value. He was shot in the basement on Amateur camera. In addition epifantseva, which now appears in the proper series, there were no professional actors. Pakhomov is a professional artist and even editor-in-chief of glossy magazines. However, he is a person too of epic proportions, and he needed to devote separate treatises. Osmolovsky is the world-famous artist-actionist, who posted at the time a word from 3 letters on a red Square, what is most interesting – people. As for the Director Svetlana Baskova, it took no less interesting pictures, like «5 bottles of vodka», «Head», «Kokki running doctor», who joined the Golden Fund of strange phrases of world cinema.

By the way, Epifantsev, before flashing on large screens put such trash of the play, after which the «Elephant» seems to be a Comedy Gaidai.

Baskov said that this «masterpiece» is, in fact, is a reaction to the Chechen war, and each character identifies a separate social stratum of the Russian State: the army (yepifantsev), who despises people, but loves him dearly and protects, the people (Pakhomov), helpless and stupid, oligarchy (Osmolovsky), which mocks all power, (Maslaev), which did not oppose the oligarchy. But it does not read, and looks like a fun tent with fun phrases. But very memorable.

It is worth noting that the film is remembered for the foreign public, and even some time bore the unofficial title of «the dirtiest film of the Millennium». Well, at least that movie is like naughty a Western audience.

2. «Holy mountain», 1973


Alejandro Jodorowsky’s personality, definitely a cult. Friend Salvador Dali, John Lennon, and almost all artists of the last century. However, movies that are filmed this is a descendant of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire, not always explainable.

«Holy mountain» – the most famous film of the Chilean. Most interesting is that money was allocated by John Lennon. And I don’t mean just a few hundred and a million dollars. And I must say that the money was spent wisely.

The plot of the film tells us about Jesus, from the cross, and made friends with the armless dwarf and went to learn the cruel world. Impressive, isn’t it? Once in the city, he sees funny pictures reminiscent weekdays popular now Islamic State. Go everywhere with soldiers in gas masks, carrying the crucified lambs. One of the most delicious moments of this film there is a scene where from the wounds of the murdered civilians fly beautiful birds of Paradise. Very scary, as the works of Schnittke. On the street show, a theatrical performance, where the frogs in the images of crusaders and monks under Nazi marches conquer South America with lizards in the form of Indians, after which God’s creatures safely explode. And all this taking pictures of tourists who buy Souvenirs with the eloquent inscription, «Jesus for sale».

Dude, here’s briefly the first quarter of the picture. From myself I will add that the film is incredibly bright and ambitious. In the second part, Jesus finds the Alchemist similar to Igor Nikolayev, who, after a fairly specific rites cleanse her soul, dedicates to the mysteries of the universe and sends it to the metaphorical Sacred Mountain.

The film features an abundance of surreal-psychedelic images, allusions, antiutopichesky. Jodorowsky’s how could he denounced totalitarian society and the circus, which has become a religion. The consumer society, entertained by violence – all of it open to read. And unlike the subsequent films, it is less likely to thrash.

By the way, no animals were harmed during the filming: frog was made of rubber, and lambs loaned at a local restaurant. The scene in the market was removed in haste, as the government has forbidden to remove such. During the shooting of Jodorowsky’s process forced the actors to sleep for 4 hours a day and do the meditation that he himself practiced. Also all the actors during the filming had used LSD and hallucinogenic mushrooms to achieve enlightenment. It seems to me that a for this to it and went to play.

Still unknown, Lennon was pleased with his investment, but more money on movies it’s.

3. «Wedding vase», 1974


Wedding vase – old Belgian film that even in the glorious 70s caused a sea of wonder and disgust. Just a story about a farmer who cut off the head of chickens, putting them in jars, take the doll heads to pigeons, and, most importantly, falls in love with a pig, and cares for her as «young people today do not know how», providing the warning signs. And, like any decent girl, a little broken, for decency, she agrees to a sexual relationship with a lonely farmer. You know very well that after these babies. And you know what? They had the pigs! Really just pigs, not like people at all. Children prefer to spend time with his father than with his mother, and in a fit of jealousy he kills his children. The pig in despair drowns herself in the mud. A lone farmer is drinking healing chefir drink of broth own urine and feces and successfully hung up at the painting is in an open field the stairs.

You still want to watch? I warned you. By the way, the pig is a common animal, not dressed in her actress and not even Pepa Pig. Perhaps it was an allegory on the subject of how low can drop the man in his wild solitude. Or maybe… Who are these «artists» will understand?

The movie is extremely unpleasant to watch. Black and white, bad shots and atmospheric music call if you do not hang yourself, then turn it off before the final credits. Aversion is everything: the naturalness of what is happening, and actor, and much more. The film was never in theaters and broke the front only in the era of the Internet. Once a picture has tried to push kinofestival in Perth, but the Australians did not like coprophagia and bestiality. But artists with Locarno and other festivals it does not seem to bother because the film was shown for many years, until 2007.

4. «Nekromantik», 1987


«Nekromantik» is listed as a horror movie. But this is a real trash! A funny story about a young worker trupovozki the name Rob. Rob so loves his work that often takes her to the house. And already at home with your girlfriend is given the carnal pleasures with pieces of carrion.

Buttgereit takes a picture in a simple documentary style. His characters are in a dream run through the fields and valleys, playing dug up somewhere by the head and swinging a garland of intestines. So ironic attitude toward death was not in any film. However, their happy idyll collapses in the moment when the guy behind the delay fired. «Where will we take all we need, without which we cannot live!» – hysteria his lady and stabs the belly with a knife.

The basic meaning of the work: death is the orgasm.

The film caused a great resonance, and the poor Director was forced to shoot the second part. And the music from the movie is still included in the Golden Fund.

5. «Pink Flamingos», 1972


«Pink flamingos» is not a song of Alena Sviridova. This is one of the most popular, in the past, garden ornaments in American provincial towns and villages and at the same time a symbol of bad taste. And it is a John waters movie. Grotesque, absurd, sometimes creepy, but it is worth noting the impression.

The script, of course, makes me feel sick. An eerie, grotesque Babs Johnson lives in the trailer Park with her handicapped son Krakerom and disgusting Mom Edie, obsessed with eggs. All agree that Babs – the «dirty creatures in this world.» But there lives another great family that trades sale of children that are born trapped in their slaves, lesbian couples. And here are two noble families agreed to the dispute: who is still worse. And start the «merry starts», which include incest, bestiality, cannibalism, castration and coprophagia.

Director John waters spat in the face of society, thus people who try to seem better than others due to false values. Turned out to be very… creepy. In General, look.

6. «Serbian film», 2010


If we talk about the hard and shocking film, then this is definitely it. It would not be wrong to call this picture the most brutal in the history of cinema. Director Spasojevic did not hesitate to take in enough Orthodox Serbia one big mentally perverted hallucination: the story of a former porn star, who is famous for his… stamina. But the Serbian former porn star does not happen! And here he takes up the old, only this time more violence, perversion, including on his son.

In fact, this film is the complete absence of morality in society, and images of the dirtiest genres of pornography hints at animal promiscuity of modern society, which for the satisfaction of lust are willing to cross any line.

All shot flawlessly, no operator «highlights» in a normal feature film. It looks easy, and sometimes interesting conversations. And sometimes disgust. If before watching this film to see any of the great tragicomedy Kusturica, there is only one question: what happened to the Serbian cinema? And what made the famous musician and a good actor Srdjan Todorovic, who previously starred in «Cannes» paintings of the same Kusturica, go for it?

In comparison with this film, «Nekromantik» looks good «black» Comedy. You decide, watch or not, but the ending will disgust you.

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